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Thank you for sharing time with me today. My name is Neva and I'm the creator of this health and wellness resource. Most of the articles in our library (over 2,700 pages and growing, including my blog) are personally researched and written by me. I hope you find something of genuine value while visiting the wellness library. This is an educational website and nothing here is intended to replace medical evaluation, testing or treatment.

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Are you interested in a wholistic approach to health? If so, you may resonate with the information on nutrition, including great info on raw foods, whole foods and organic foods.

You may also learn how to detox safely and effectively, the health benefits of chiropractic care, the delicious scentual properties of aromatherapy, the potent transformative gifts that come from dream interpretation and how to more fully your unique and valuable creative gifts. In addition, you will find a very extensive list of articles on herbal, ayurvedic, homeopathic and more. I cover many common wellness challenges. Learn about cardiovascular formulas or educate yourself on cancer and treatments for cancer

The Space Between Things
For many years I was what we used to call "a healer". I practiced energetic healing, laying on of hands and modalities such as Reiki healing, in addition to the kind of intuitive healing I had already been doing for some time. I actually started out (in my public life as a healer) as an intuitive reader who also did some energetic work during the reading. After that, I learned foot reflexology and added that modality to my offerings.

It's around 1994 ... I am living in Tennessee, in relationship with my soulmate, helping to facilitate spiritual gatherings and doing wellness counseling and healing work pretty much full time. I am also traveling to expos and fairs and working as a healer as well as conducting workshops on different facets of spiritual healing. Life is full and I feel like I know my place in it. I feel very much that I am "being in service" and that is important, very important to me at the time. Leap forward to the second half of 2001 ... well ... everything changed. I had a Sacred Experience that began to strip away everything with which I had grown comfortable. The next 7 years or so I wandered in the wilderness of consciousness, for lack of a better term, emerging with an entirely different view of healing and wellness.

I found myself almost completely at odds with the previously vital "being of service" paradigm. I noticed how, for that paradigm to give me identity and a place in reality, someone had always to be in need; otherwise, the role of the healer or helper went away. This paradigm was keeping both myself and the people who came to me for help locked in a pattern that cannot resolve without both of us losing our identity and position. The healer must have that someone who needs healing, which requires always that someone be unhealed.

I still provide the occasional session as a healing facilitator and offer support for those who feel they are called to be a healer. However, that paradigm and position is a difficult one to navigate in awareness because, in the mind of many who ask for it, the request is still coming from a space of need or unhealed-ness, still so steeped in serve/be served. In continuing to step away from old positions and belief systems, I find it helpful to allow work to give way to a sort of Sacred, spiritual play. I focus my intent on a shift away from fixing or healing and toward meeting in an empowered space with someone, to discover more of our divine nature together.

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Abundant Life Series
Like so many others, I have spent a fair amount of my life working, making a living, generating income to pay bills and buy food. I've had prosperous times and very lean times and I prefer prosperity! Part of the focus at the wellness library is toward offering information which may assist you in living your most abundant life.

The Ask a Healer Wellness Library is here to provide nutrition for your mind, body and Spirit. It is my sincere hope that I am able to share holistic wellness information that is both useful and enlightening for each visitor. Let me know personally if there is something I can do better. N J Howell, Ask a Healer Webmaster.