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Hemp Life Today CBD

The Many Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil


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I've been wanting to try non-THC CBD oil for a long time but it was always so expensive. The CBD oil products that didn't cost half a month's rent were questionable in terms of quality and/or quantity of cannabidiol actually present in them. Then, I found one company that offered truly affordable lab-tested CBD products that were grown without pesticides or herbicides. Here is their quality pledge:

Pledge #1: CBD oil derived from 100% domestically grown, non-GMO Hemp.
Pledge #2: High concentration CBD Oils.
Pledge #3: Every batch is lab tested and every jar of CBD is lab sealed and delivered to you.
Pledge #4: THC levels under the FDA legal limit guidelines.
Pledge #5: Co2 extraction process using no solvents or harsh chemicals

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Health Disclaimer: CBD oil is not represented here as a replacement for any needed medical attention or diagnosis. Please check with your pain care specialist or health care professional before adding new supplements to your existing health CARE regimen.

The recent strong interest in cannabidiol products as nutritional support in a wide range of situations is without any scientific studies into how effective CBD may or may not be for particular situations. I'm personally excited about the potential but, as in all matters of health, be wise and get informed on any research linking the use of cannabidiol for your particular health challenge or mood disorder.