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Natural Remedy for RLS Relief

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please read: potential side effects of prescription sleep aids

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Restless Leg Syndrome Relief Options


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If you've ever dropped into bed, so tired you could barely hold your eyes open and then feel that creepy, crawly, achy sensation in your legs that keeps you awake half the night, you begin to understand how miserable it is to have RLS, or restless leg syndrome. Or maybe your symptoms include a terrible drawing sensation or actual pain. I feel lucky that RLS has only been an occasional issue for me. The times I've had it were enough to engender a lot of empathy for those who deal with it more than occasionally.

In the past, I've had success using Hyland's Restful Legs and Natural Calm Magnesium. However, I suspect if it's an ongoing issue, it might take something a bit more strong and I have found a product by a company getting rave reviews for their natural ADD remedy so I'm including that information here for those who may be suffering with this condition.

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RLS Symptom Relief:
Symptoms that may be relieved with Restulex include twitching, cramping, burning, numbness, heaviness, jerking, feelings of uneasiness, drawing sensations and pain. Restulex is a safe, natural remedy comprised of homeopathics known for symptom-relieving properties that apply to RLS. It is an OTC formula which is easy to administer and does not have the side effects of some other products for relieving restless leg syndrome. There are quite a few user reports on the site so it may belpful to read those and see if Restulex has helped anyone with your particular symptoms. Restulex is an FDA product listed natural medicine, and uses an OTC formulation..

Important Health Care Disclaimer: Natural remedies such as Restulex are not presented as replacement for any needed medical evaluation or treatment for RLS. If emotional issues or stress are impacting your sleep, see a medical professional, Please note that restless leg formulas containing quinine, whether natural or prescription, may present cardiovascular concerns in certain individuals. The FDA has placed restrictions on the sale of quinine as a restless leg remedy although the homeopathics containing it are still, at this time, legal. Most will not be bothered but if you notice heart palpitations, stop using any quinine-containing product, homeopathic or not, and see your doctor or seek out other RLS solutions.