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The Ultimate Vocal Workout for Actors and Singers

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If you feel that your voice is not where it should be and that your acting would benefit from training, I strongly suggest seeing an in-person coach. There is nothing else quite like immediate feedback and the dedicated attention of someone who is invested in a single area of your craft. If you can't quite afford a vocal coach, I get that too but there are online options. I've linked one such program that offers a comprehensive range of products specifically designed to help strengthen and develop the voice of the performer.

What I like about the ultimate vocal workout program is that it is a build-your-own format. You can order the digital products that most fit your needs as a performer.

With the Build Your Own Ultimate Vocal Workout you may now purchase products and learn at your own pace, adding products as you go. Pick and choose individual products to complete your system to match your current level and price range. Now you can combine Jaime Vendera's Ultimate Vocal Workout products with other power house vocal products from coaches such as Elizabeth Sabine, Cara Mastrey, and James Lugo, in order to get the best of this method.

They advise beginning your vocal training with the second edition of the "Raise Your Voice program, the main book in Jaime's system. For the Elizabeth Sabine line, they suggest beginning with Strengthening Your Singing Voice. Combine both books for the best of both worlds. *All digital sales are final, so please make sure you are ready to invest in your voice before investing in the products offered by Jaime Vendera.

Why is Vocal Training Important?
An actor's voice is one of the more powerful tools of expression besides the body. Having a voice that can easily convey emotional truth is vital to any actor, whether they are in a comedy or a drama. In fact, I think it may be even more important to have a flexible and expressive voice in comedy than in drama because most comedy is based on drama. Think about it. Three of the funniest sitcoms ever to hit the small screen, all had scripts that seemed to revolve around one ridiculous drama after the other. I'm taking about Friends, Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine. An actor has to somehow get the drama across without making us worry about the character.

I remember being in an acting class with one of my favorite teachers, Stephen Tobolowsky. In the improvisation we were doing, I was supposed to be at a therapist's office, and lose it over talking about the insane traffic in Los Angeles. Well, I lost it. Afterwards, Stephen said "We couldn't laugh because we were worried about you." I got it. It has to be real enough that we can suspend our disbelief at the situation but not so real that we have true empathy for the comedic character. It's a tricky balance to maintain and here is where the voice, and a strong sense of timing, is vital.

As a creative person, you may also be interested in my free online acting class!

I've been an actor since the early 90's professionally and before that, I've been acting since birth. I always loved being in front of any camera and am a natural ham. It wasn't until I started awakening, on a spiritual level, that I began to understand the more powerful and transformative reasons I loved this craft. The lessons in the online class are from that higher perspective, treating acting as the noble craft it is.