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Healthy Adrenal Glands Information


This is part two of an article on adrenal gland health. Please read part one first to get the full picture. This page details both medical treatments for adrenal insufficiency and alternative medicine approaches to the syndrome known as adrenal fatique. This health information is educational in it's purpose and not intended to replace medical testing which exists and can definitely pinpoint adrenal gland hormonal deficiencies. Start with the truth of your condition .... find out if your hormones are deficient so you can determine the best path to take toward healing, for you.

How Adrenal Fatique is Addressed
Medically and through Holistic Wellbeing Modalities:

Standard medical treatment for for this health challenge appears to be looking for an underlying condition that is causing it and treating that condition when found, or if found. From what I've read and not putting words in the mouth of any doctor, adrenal insufficiency is considered more of a diagnostic tool than a health challenge in and of itself. The assumption, again from what I've read in medically based resources, is that the adrenal glands become overly taxed because of something else, another, underlying and not yet diagnosed health condition such as chronic fatique syndrome, diabetes incipdus or fibromyalgia.

The medical community does seem to acknowledge that certain medications can, in themselves, contribute to this condition. In particular, I've read about anti-fungals in this regard. I'd discuss any anti-fungals and steroids you may be taking with your doctor. Corticosteroid drugs like prednisone are often prescribed by medical doctors to treat this condition. Sodium and potassium will probably be monitored as well and you may be given something to help with those levels in the body.

Alternative Medicine for Adrenal Fatique:
Glandular Extracts from animals are sometimes used in alternative medicine to help the body address adrenal fatique. Glandulars would not be my choice but I do have friends who have used them with success. I prefer homeopathics, herbals and nutritional supplements because I feel they are more resonant with the human system than an animal extract would be, and certainly moreso than a synthetic glandular.

If you do choose to explore adrenal extracts for adrenal fatique, I'd suggest researching the company, asking about the animals used, how they are extracted, etc. Also, ask if the glandulars are animal or synthetic. Some who do well on natural extracts do not fare well with synthetics so asking these types of questions, educating yourself on the risks and benefits of each, is important if you want to be proactive in your own healing and that's true whether you go the alternative medicine route or the prescription drug route.

There are three herbs that have particularly good, supportive properties for restoring the ability of the adrenal glands to function properly and for maintaining health cortisol levels. They are borage, astragalus and siberian ginseng.

A company I trust and respect carries a product with all three, along with some information on the healing properties of each herb. Read more about alternative medicine approaches to restoring healthy adrenal glands functioning

Healing from the Sea: In my research, I came across a reference to Isotonic Ocean Water (diluted water from the ocean), not only to help the body address adrenal fatique but additionally, many other types of health challenges.

Part Three: Beneficial Dietary Changes for Adrenal Glands Health

Health Disclaimer: Natural remedies for adrenal fatiqued are designed to support the body's natural ability to restore homeostasis during times of stress that may tax adrenal gland function. They are not designed to replace any needed medical attention. Lifestyle changes which reduce the impact of stress also important and usually necessary to maintain healthy adrenals.