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Hi: I'm Neva. I own the Ask a Healer Wellness Library. Detoxing mercury is a very personal issue for me as I have three amalgam fillings, a true phobia about dental work and a lack of qualified amalgam removal experts in my area. I also feel I need to detox before getting the amalgams out in case new mercury released at that time might be too much for my system. On this page you'll find my top choices for detoxing and links to many other pages on the subject over at the main site. 

I've been an online researcher and writer in the field of holistic health for decades. I also did full time wellness counseling for about seven years. I detox regularly but still had all these health concerns that recently got worse when I chipped a tooth that had an amalgam filling. In the search for the safest and most effective ways to detox from mercury fillings, I found a good deal of sort of complicated and, in some cases, conflicting information. It seems there is no clear, right way that everyone agrees on. I think there are safer ways than others. The products metioned below are all products I am personally using or will use as I can afford them.

Top-Recommended for Mercury Detox

Before I talk about supplements, I wanta mention organic fresh or freeze-dried strawberries. I found a reference to their superior mercury-binding properties and have added them to my diet. I don't eat peanut butter but if you do, the website says peanut butter tested even higher in detox capacity. Article: Strawberries bind mercury

1. ProPectin - Pure pesticide-free pectin. What I like about it is that they have clinical studies on ProPectin and it's ability to remove heavy metals, including radiation. While Propectin is pesticide-free and GMO free, it isn't organic. The apples are from Poland and are supposed to be specially good for making superior pectin. It's also very expensive, above my budget at the time. 

I strongly recommend organic apple pectin. Because apples are heavily pesticided, I am careful to check to see if the product is either organic or tested to be pesticide free. No sense in taking out mercury while adding herbicides and Round Up. In addition to taking pectin and using it as a rinse and facial, I am eating organic apple sauce which also contains pectin. I'm on my second package of the organic pectin and also using organic strawberry powder from the same site. I love them both and have written an updated review on my results: Results from Organic Pectin and Clean Chlorella 

2. Chlorella - From all that I've read (there's a lot of info on this if you google) broken cell wall chlorella (sometimes called split wall) is one of the best substances for not only mobilizing mercury but binding it as well. Some types cannot bind as much as they mobilize so I'm taking pectin with it for extra binding power. You can get an organic split wall chlorella powder online but I wasn't sure I could handle powder so I ordered tablets. There are a lot out there. And probably a lot of good ones so you can do your own homework before you choose if you wish. 

I did some comparison-shopping on chlorella brands and decided to try Clean Chlorella from Vital Extracts because it is tested for heavy metals and pesticides and because their processing sounds superior to some I've read about online. It's grown indoors, so it doesn't receive heavy metals from the air. I had not even thought about that but since chlorella attracts heavy metals, growing it inside, away from car and industrial fumes makes sense. The Clean Chlorella brand also processed for digestibility. I'll update this page once I've taken this long enough to report on it. 

3. Detoxing clay - I'm using a clay called Terramins because I like the potency and results. I rinse with it and add to a natural toothpaste containing coconut oil and baking soda. One note on brushing: A lot of mercury can release from brushing so I always brush with soft bristle toothbrush and am very, very gentle when going over the amalgam area. I rinse with the clay afterwards and plan to use the pectin as a rinse once I get it. Bentonite clay has been mentioned on many websites as an absorber of heavy metals, including mercury. There are lots of good Bentonite clays out there, but I'd ask about aluminum and also if they are tested for heavy metals. I'm doing facials with the ionic Terramins clay too (after all, the mercury is coming from my mouth) and taking small doses internally. I am caution about maintaining normal bowel movements too, getting constipated just keeps the mercury in the bowel longer.??

4. Selenium - I take selenium because it's recommended by so many, to help with mercury detoxing. Zinc is mentioned as well but I'm not taking supplemental zinc. Natural supplements be toxic at high levels so a deficiency needs to be determined. Since I didn't have a test to determine my selenium and zinc levels, I only take recommended daily dosage. If you opt for the heavy metals testing, you may find you are deficient in one or both. Setting dosage then is a decision for you and your health care team to determine.

5. Goat Whey - Increasing glutatione levels helps the body detox mercury and other toxins. However, the use of natural glutathione boosters when you still have amalgam fillings is controversial and some experts say not to do it until you get the fillings out. Personally, I've had great results from boosting my body's ability to produce glutathione and one of the best ways I've found to do it is to daily consume a product that has natural glutathione precursers. Whey is one of those products but the type of whey used is very important, in my experience. I consume the best whey I've ever found and I highly recommend it. It's put out by a company with integrity. Learn more about Mt. Capra Whey and Whey Products

OK, so that's the basics. For a lot more on detoxing, please hop over to the main Ask A Healer website now. Here's some links to get you started. Some will repeat a little on the top 4 but there's also a lot more info on other things to help, cautions, symptoms, etc here:

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Mercury Detox Steps - Some of this will be a repeat on the information you just read but there is more detailed information available as well.

Mercury Detox Supplements - Some of this will also be a repeat but there's more info on other supplements and approaches to detoxing mercury.

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Medical doctors typically recommend chelation therapy for mercury poisoning. DMPS, DMSA and EDTA are forms typically implemented if a person has acute mercury poisoning. Chelation therapy can be quite expensive and there are risks. I felt the risks outweighed the benefit for me so I'm going the natural route. If you consider chelation therapy, I would advise having a non-rushed conversation with your doctor about the risks and ask about how those risks might be mediated in the way they do their therapy.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information on this webpage details how I am personally addressing amalgam mercury toxicity in my own body. It is shared as information, and I cannot stress strongly enough that it is my experiment. I do not yet know how effective my approach will be. I have researched for months now and the supplements and practices I'm using seem, to me, to be the most effective and most safe. I am self-treating and am taking responsibility for self-treating. If you are not willing to take responsibility for self-treating, this is not information you need. I strongly advise consulting with dental health and medical professionals as to best path to healing in that case. Mercury poisoning symptoms are so diverse that they may include symptoms that could also be true for numerous health conditions. I consider timing strongly and whether or not there is a single symptom or a host of them, related to mercury toxicity. Because I had a lot of symptoms and the timing of onset for a lot of them pointed to amalgams being a potential factor, I decided to pursue detoxing. There is testing available to determine if a person has mercury overload so that's an option if unsure. 

Privacy Policy/Ads disclaimer: I will NEVER gather personal information about you or share your personal information with any third party. The links on this page are affiliate links and help cover the cost of hosting, writing and research. I may receive affiliate monies should you order from them. I appreciate any such orders but, of course, there is no obligation. Thank you for your visit!

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer:
The information on this site is ancedotal and personal. It's my experience and my research into the topic of detoxing mercury from amalgam fillings. Please consult with a qualified health professional if you suspect you may have heavy metals poisoning as it can affect every system in the body in very hamrful ways over time.