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The FDA and FTC have decreed that natural remedies may not claim to treat stds such as herpes. This is not because natural remedies have been proven uneffective but rather because they have not been proven effective. The FDA has not evaluated them. I'd love to know why the FDA will not evaluate natural antiviral formulas?

I used to link to several that I thought were very good and that I felt might be beneficial for those suffering with herpes outbreaks. Now, I may only suggest educational websites as references. One such site is the Dynamiclear website, where you can read about a clinical trial that tested 149 folks with HSV-1 and HSV-2, using the Dynamiclear antiviral formula and the FDA-approved Acyclovir cream as test topicals for the study.

You can click the link on their site called "clinical trials" to learn more about the results of the study. In this clinical trial, 75 test subjects had Dynamiclear topical applied to herpes lesions; the remaining 74 test subjects had Acyclovir cream, approved by the FDA as a genital herpes treatment.

Clinical Trial Results
As is usually the case with scientific and medical documents, the pdf file about this trial contains a lot of technical verbiage that I don't understand. You can read the full test results on the Dynamiclear site but what stood out for me was the following statement regarding the results:

In all the efficacy parameters, significantly higher percentage of patients in the Dynamiclear group were relieved of symptoms after a single application of the drug in both ITT and PP analysis.

Read more about Dynamiclear here

Health Disclaimer: Nothing on this page is intended to replace any medical evaluation or treatment you may need. Dynamiclear is not presented as an std treatment but as an antiviral formula that may assist the body in relief of symptoms.

The only FDA-approved genital herpes treatments I'm aware of at the time of this posting are Valtrex, Acylovir and Famvir. Famvir was approved as the one and only one-time genital herpes treatment by FDA back in 2006. Not sure if that's the most recent update on Famvir but only one I could find. Please see your doctor if you suspect you may have become infected with HSV-1 or HSV-2.