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What Are Auras and the Auric Field?
The Experiential Qualities of Auras

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What are auras?


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What is new age, anyway?

I remember learning about auras decades ago, when I was living in Los Angeles the first time. Although I never knew the name, aura, growing up, I did recognize that there was an energetic field around people and that, with some people, it was stronger. I sensed a lightness around some people and just felt better around them, while others felt or looked more dense or dark and not as peaceful to be around.

A Simple Definition of the Aura:
If you could imagine a radiating outline of light which starts just off the physical body and goes around the entire body, like an energetic body coating, that's kinda how an aura looks to me. In a healthy person, the auric field (the space the aura takes up around the physical body) looks in tact all around the body and looks like an egg-shaped mist or fog, of softly colored Light. Commonly, the aura is anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in width, radiating out from the body, though some have far more expanded auras. Also, when one is in a heightened spiritual state such as prayer or meditation, the energy field may look larger. Conversely, when someone is nearing the end of their life, I usually cannot see much lifeforce energy in their field.

The aura may change color at particular times or during particular situations. Some folks have very intense auras of different, vivid hues, particularly when they are going thru something that is energetically impactful, whether that impact is felt as a negative or positive. For example, when two people are in love, it isn't uncommon to see a wide pink or reddish aura that encompasses both people. When someone is having a healing, their aura may turn green or blue and get larger. When a person is deeply depressed, I often see an aura that is dark and thin. I may additionally see what look like jagged lighting bolts around the head or heart. The lightning bolt affect is often there during times of intense anger as well, along with red hues. When a psychic is involved in a psychic situation, as in giving a reading or seeking intuitive information, their aura may change as well. If you read auras, this is one way you can tell a genuine psychic from one that is entertaining you (which can also be fun). More on recognizing genuine psychics.

More About Auras:
For me, the auric field is a very important area to notice when I play with folks in the field of potential for positive change and healing. Since physical disease, in my awareness and experience, is always preceded by non-physical imbalance (almost always from stress of emotional, mental, physical or spiritual nature), the areas off the body are as significant to notice as the actual physical body. Actually, more so. If the auric field of a person looks broken, jagged, dirty or dull, I can assume something out of alignment with optimal health and wellness is filtering down to the physical body and will soon (if it has not already) affect the person on a physical level in ways that will not feel so good. In my experience, supporting the etheric repair of the aura and auric field is vital to good health and spiritual connection.

Can we learn to see auras? I have been asked this by people who don't see auras. I believe certain spiritual practices can help open the vision and perception to subtle energy fields like auras.Practices that have helped me include meditation, spiritual ceremony, direct energy transfers, exercises to open the pineal gland, etc. Supplements I've found helpful at different times in my practice with the auric field include monatomic gold, John of God water and Sai Maa's supplements.

An exercise that may be helpful may be found in the book, the Celestine Prophecy. In that book, they talk about looking at trees or something beautiful in nature, in a state of appreciation and gratitude. As we appreciate what our eyes see, particularly in nature, we begin to be able to see in a new way and nature will reveal more. Those who practice this way of being with the trees, sometimes are able to begin seeing the aura around the trees and then, around people as well.

As I've mentioned (as an intuitive) the aura and auric field do not always look the same to me. Sometimes, I see colors. Sometimes, I see jagged or broken areas, sometimes I see what I call etheric debris which is usually other people's thoughts and beliefs and opinions being projected into the field of the person on the healing table. Sometimes I see energy leaking out from the auric field or someone else's energy field bleeding into the aura of the person with whom I am facilitating healing.

While the aura, in my experience, is fairly close to the body, the auric field may expand tremendously at times of spiritual awakening or other times of intense experience. I've seen auric fields go beyond the room, beyond the building and expand out into the parking lot.

Spiritual Statement of Intent: While the auric field and aura of a person are definitely informational, with regard to the emotional, mental and physical health of the individual, aura reading is not suggested as or presented as a replacement for any needed medical testing.