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Ausome Energized Water, Day 5
Understanding Energy Gridlines

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My Fifth Day of Energized Water - Understanding My Energetic Choices


This is part five in a series of postings about a weeklong spiritual experiment with restructured water. To start at the beginning of the experiment, please read part one: Beginning of Experiment

Ausome Water (now called Awesome Drops) and Clear Light are forms of restructured water that have been put through several processes involving standing wave principles, implosion, magnetic fields, diamagnetism, and vortexes.

These products are for spiritual use only and not represented for use to treat conditions of a physical nature. Any physical improvement noted should be considered the result of the user's spiritual intent enhanced by the frequencies in the water.

Important Note: I am using A LOT of this water. It is NOT recommended that anyone use as much as I'm using when first starting out. Please use spiritual discernment if you decided to try it.

5th Day on Ausome Water:

I woke with a menopausal migraine again. Could have been partly the wine. Also could be overdoing Clear Light and/or Au Water. This type of headache is fairly common among perimenopausal women but, again, I just notice the timing of it. On rising, I splashed diluted Ausome Water on forhead, side of head and neck.

Menopausal migraines are pretty brutal but I noticed about a 50% reduction in pain within minutes of doing this. Used the energized bead again. It worked again. Migraine pain about 80% relieved in a half hour. Not completely gone though.
Auspicious Happenings:

I received a $100 cash gift in the mail, from the person for whom I had done the phone consultation. Twice what I charge for that service.

Also got a request for another phone consultation from a different person.

In the afternoon, I got clear on a big piece of spiritual work around the selling of my home. I recognized that I had energy gridlines going out toward several different potentials besides just selling my house.

I had energy going toward getting a roommate in case the house didn't sell and starting a business in the house, in case the house didn't sell....etc.

I had a good portion of energy toward the "sell house" gridline but when I intuitively measured that energy, I could see there wasn't enough.

I wasn't giving the universe a clear enough picture of the direction I desired because I was also keeping all these other back-up plans alive and energized.

Spent some time closing down those energy gridlines so that the only one open was the "sell house" gridline.

I can open those other gridlines again later if needed but I really didn't open them due to higher guidance in the first place. I opened them out of a need to feel like I was controlling something and out of fear. Hedging my bets. That all feels a lot clearer now.

Ausome Water now Awesome Drops

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Health Disclaimer: Energetically enhanced water is a spiritual tool. It is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation or treatment. Be wise with your health. Feeling light-headed after a hot bath can be a sign that you have stayed in too long or that the water was too hot. Take it easy.