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Herbal Remedies just don't get any better than Blessed Herbs

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I came across the Blessed Herbs products at a metaphysical fair. I purchased the Internal Cleanse Kit, both because it felt energetically high frequency and because, on reading the ingredients, I realized it was a remarkably comprehensive cleanse.

The Internal Cleanse Kit from Blessed Herbs remains my top choice for a total body system cleanse.

The Blessed Herbs legacy began with a few mullein leaves, back in 1985, and has grown to be a company respected by herbalists and naturopaths as one offering high quality herbal remedies at competitive prices.

I highly recommend Blessed Herbs. For more info, visit the website at blessedherbs dot com

Neva, Ask a Healer Webmaster

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Health Care Disclaimer: Herbal remedies combining is better left to master herbalists like Martha, at Blessed Herbs. They know which herbs work best together and which have the least potential for interactions. If you are under a doctor's care for any condition, check with your doctor before taking herbal remedies.