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About the recent DEA ruling:
I picked up this response to the ridiculous DEA reclassification of CBD as a schedule one drug: Everyone can relax.. There seems to be a lot of confusion as the the legalities of the new DEA ruling on hemp derived products. However, the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), has put out a statement on this and it is clear that our industry is safe from this ruling, etc.

Many people are aware of the amazing properties of hemp for sustainable living. Industrial hemp was once free to grow and in fact, during a certain time in our nation's early history, farmers were required to grow it. Our forefathers grew hemp. Then, it became a threat to those who make their living felling trees. A ridiculous but effective propaganda campaign called "reefer madness" made people afraid to even look at the multitude of uses for hemp besides getting high. CBD is one element that is now getting tremendous interest as a health supplement. It does NOT get you high. It cannot because it has almost none of the high-producing THC. However, our body has natural receptor sites that belong to CBD and when it is present, our health gets a marvelous boost!

Because CBD is not a drug, it is legal in all 50 US states and most countries. However, not all CBD products are created equally and you'll see a WIDE range of both quality and cost. Recently, the FDA started testing some CBD products to find they hardly contained any of this healing substance. I looked for lab tested and also CBD that was extracted without harmful solvents or chemicals. In addition, I wanted to find domestically grown hemp because imported is often not whole plant. My own personal experience with this product includes almost unbelievable pain relief when I've rubbed in the drops on painful areas, a noticable lift in mood after the second day and, when I increased dosage to two droppers per day, deep restful sleep where I've been waking a lot and not sleeping well.

This is the CBD Product I'm Using

Health Disclaimer: CBD oil from industrial hemp is not suggested as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment you may also need. Please note that I can only recommend lab-tested CBD because of the proliferation of toxic pesticides that may be present in untested industrial hemp.