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I am in the process of revising this page. Sorry for any inconvenience but when companies change, they necessitate a change on the website. I am seeking a source online for raw living foods that are 100% plant based. They should be organic, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, dairy and soy free. If you know a good resource, contact me through the contact link at top of page.

Until I find such a store, I'm happy to provide amazon links to some good raw food products online. Also, if you love organic coconut oil, cacao and raw nuts, you may enjoy visiting Wilderness Naturals / Wildly Organic. while their list of products isn't big enough to qualify as a full out raw foods store, the products they have are awesome.

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Health Care Disclaimer: This information is educational in nature. Raw Foods are not represented as substitute for medical attention. Many who are used to a western diet may go thru detox symptoms when switching over to raw foods and also may have constipation due to increased fiber. Best way is to get a guide and follow it or go to a raw food nutritionist and get them to design a transitional dietary program for you.