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Holistic Retreat Lodging in Cabo San Lucas
Swim with the Dolphins in Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas Resources for Vacationing or Relocation

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Swimming with the dolphins is one of those things I have on a soft bucket list. I say "soft" because I am aware that anything hanging around in some potential future drains my now moments so I just made a little list to get it out of my mind and out of my field. If it lines up and if it can happen in grace and ease, then swimming with the dolphins is something I know I'd enjoy.

Cabo San Lucas is a very popular tourist destination. It's also popular for other reasons, such as weather ... 10 day weather forecast for Cabo San Lucas. Popular destinations include Lover's Beach, Chileno Beach (certified handicapped accessible) and Playa el Medano.

There are healers in Caba San Lucas, curandera, but you are not likely to see advertising or signs up outside their dwellings. Exploring, asking locals for guidance, may lead you to a spiritual experience of your soul's urging. Just take note that some of what you experience may be from the perspective of those who believe in curses and negative energies. Not for everyone.