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Cardiac Tonics Relieve Stress
Health Benefits of Bioflavonoids

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Ask a Healer Cardiovascular Health Articles

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Heart-Health Benefits of Bioflavonoids


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This is part two of a four-part article on Cardiovascular Health. On this page, we are talking about the role of bioflavonoids in improved cardio function and, specifically, when the cardiac tonic hawthorn is taken. If you've arrived here directly, please start with part one on Hawthorn, the natural cardiac tonic. We are talking here about bioflavonoids and how they help keep your cardiovascular system more healthy.

Bioflavonoids and Your Heart: You have probably read about the health benefits of bioflavonoids. In addition to being powerful antioxidants, helping to increase oxygen and blood flow to the heart, bioflavonoids also help relax and dilate the arteries.

Hawthorn herb is bioflavonoid-rich! One of the reasons hawthorn is so good for the heart is that hawthorn is that hawthorn is packed with those beneficial bioflavonoids. When there is better blood flow to the heart, and more oxygen reaching the heart, and the arteries are more relaxed and dilated, the heart doesn't have to work so hard to circulate blood. This helps reduce heart muscle stress and blood pressure. The bioflavonoids in hawthorn help to promote strength of the blood vessel walls, improving blood flow throughout the body.

What herbalists say about Hawthorn: The amazing Hawthorn Berry is considered by herbalists to be the world's best cardiac tonic. Used for beginning heart disease, mild heart-muscle weakness, angina, and arrhythmia. Hawthorn promotes cardiovascular health, a healthy blood pressure and and better cholesterol levels thru it's function of relaxing blood vessel walls, increasing metabolism in the heart muscle, and improving blood supply to the heart. All these beneficial actions help to reduce heart muscle stress. Hawthorn is sometimes additionally used for sleeplessness, nervousness, poor digestion, and weight control though it's main application remains as a healthy heart supplement.

Part three: Cardiovascular benefits from taking hawthorn herb

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Please read: If you suspect you may have heart problems, consult with a qualified specialist in the cardiovascular field. Despite the research into the properties of hawthorn berry as a powerful cardiac tonic, heart muscle stress creates a serious danger over time. Cardiovascular health should be addressed fully, with diagnostic testing to determine the severity of the condition. Strengthening your blood vessel walls with hawthorn berry may be helpful but is not represented as a replacement for medical evaluation. Consult with qualified medical practitioners.