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I have a practice of asking for guidance in dreamtime, at some times when I am overwhelmed by some situation, event, relationship or decision. I ask, just before drifting off to sleep, for a dreamtime message regarding whatever is troubling me. I am asking for the spiritual perspective on a situation, specific to my life path and right action. I rarely have dreams otherwise. I used to have them all the time but after working spiritually with dreams in a Medicine way, it seems I don't dream nearly as much any more.

Recently, I asked for dreamtime guidance to help me find my optimal life, in a spiritual sense. I was 60 years old at the time (2015) and had achieved many of the dreams of my youth: I had gone to Los Angeles and fully pursued an acting career in Hollywood. I went three times and the third time was a charm. I stayed long enough to be able to know, for sure, that it wasn't the place for me. I had owned my own home and car, both paid off completely, and lived debt free.

I had found my soulmate. I had accepted the call of Spirit to be a healing facilitator and did that work full time for about seven years. I had successfully realized my dream of working from home and having passive income by monetizing websites on health and wellness to the point that passive income was supporting my needs. In 2001, that all blazed to embers in true Kali fashion. I lost everything in a firestorm of events that tore my entire world assunder.

Fast forward to 2015... After struggling for a decade to once again be able to work from home and have passive income support me, and after giving up on acting over and over again, only to be cast in some small role that again ignited that desire, I found myself homeless but for the kindness of friends and a longterm pet sit that turned into an offer of home til I found home.

A couple of years ago, I discovered at system of information called Human Design. I also discovered another system called Matrix Energetics. Between the two, I rapidly realized I had been living my life almost exactly backwards to my innate tendencies and my design. So, that's where I was when I had this dream.

Before you click over to it, you might want to read a little about how I interpret dreams . There are different types of Medicine Dreams that I recognize and each has it's own landscape for me. The landscape for you may be different but these examples may give you a place to start exploring your own dreamtime messages. I hope it's helpful.

Hugh Jackman Dream
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