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Homeopathic Cold Sore Remedy
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Herpes: A Holistic Approach

Relief for the Pain of Cold Sores

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Featured Cold Sore Relief: H-Balm Cold Sores Formula - The Natural Choice!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love pure essential oils. I'm never without them and keep my favorites (teatree, oregano, basil, marjoram) close at hand. So I have recommended Amoils products for a long time now. I'm happy that they also provide homeopathic solutions for life's irritating moments. H-Balm Sores Formula uses established homeopathic ingredients and is applied directly to the cold sore or fever blister. This product is safe, gentle and effective. It is also FDA registered and manufactured in the United States.

How does H-Balm Cold Sores Remedy Work?

The naturally occurring medicinal agents in H-Balm include Thuja Occidentalis, Natrum Muriaticum, and Calendula Officinalis. The US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Materia Medica notes these as effective treatments for skin eruptions from oral herpes. They contain naturally occurring compounds such as thujone, camphene, d-sabinene, terpinen-4-ol and bornyl acetate. The soothing botanicals in H-Balm are rich in terpene oxides, linalool, and phenolic compounds. These are wonderfully soothing and cleansing. They also help promote healthy skin. The lipophilic formula absorbs deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively treat the symptoms of herpes cold sores or canker sores and help sooth damaged skin.


About the Chinese approach to using herbal medicines:
Chinese Herbology is based on a concept of balance. The intricate energetic balance of the combination works in conjunction with the energetics of the patient using them. By combining herbs that interact together, we are able to create a formula that is safe and free of adverse reaction for 99% of the population.

ps. If you came here looking for a Zenmed product called AvaCare, I apologize. AvaCare is no longer available.

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Health Disclaimer: This topical application is not suggested as replacement for any needed medical attention, treatment or medicine. See your doctor and discuss all natural supplements with your doctor.