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Improving Eliminatory Health Naturally


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This is part of a multi-part article covering chronic constipation and eliminatory health and natural remedies that may be helpful for a healthy colon. click here for part one.

If you are constipated right now, you don't wanta hear what might help in the future, which is part of what the first section of this article was about. You want help now. I understand. When this article was originally written in 2007, I covered some remedies that had worked for me, consistently, through the years.

It's a lot about how you go
I don't recall the first time I heard about the correlation between good bowel movements and squatting to eliminate but it kinda stuck with me. For a long time now, I've kept a box near the toilet so I could put my feet up on it for going to the bathroom. I didn't know that someone had created anything that would mimic the posture one might assume if squatting to eliminate. It seems our bodies are designed to eliminate best with this "squatting" posture but it's a little hard to imitate that with a modern toilet. Well, at least it was hard til now. Introducing Step and Go.

This is a structurally designed tool that mimics the posture and efficiency of natural squatting while using the modern day toilet. The Step and Go helps align the rectum with the anal canal, encouraging the body out of the restrained posture and into a more natural elimination position. This position also helps to open your colon, resulting in a more complete and healthier elimination.

What's wrong with sitting on the toilet to go? Well, our body isn't designed to fully eliminate in the normal sitting position on a modern toilet. We end up with incomplete elimination which can lead to straining and constipation and can also contribute to hemorrhoids or varicose veins over time. The rectum is not deigned to eliminate in an upright sitting position but in a squatting position. To avoid kinking the rectum and keeping the colon in good health, a squatting position is optimal. The next best thing to actually squatting is the Step to Go. You will experience better and more complete elimination, less straining to go and less chance of hemmroids with the Step to Go.

Get Your Step And Go Today!

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Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: Chronic constipation can be a sign of other, more serious eliminatory health conditions including colon cancer. Please have yourself evaluated by a qualified professional if experiencing pain, blood in stool or other signs of eliminatory distress. Do not begin a colon cleanse if you have any bowel-related health challenge, without checking with your doctor first. Natural remedies are not a substitute for any needed medical attention.