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How do you know when you are constipated? What are the common symptoms of constipation


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This is part of a series on chronic constipation. On this page, we are talking about symptoms of constipation, chronic constipation and medically urgent bowel obstruction symptoms. If you've arrived here directly, please start with part one on chronic constipation, part one. In general, helpful supplements for constipation include probiotics and enzymes. In addition, most people benefit by drinking more pure water throughout their day.

How do you know if you are constipated?
Opinions vary widely on what constitutes constipation. Some doctors say, if you have one bowel movement every few days, you can be healthy. I do not believe that for a minute. The only way it could be considered "normal" to eliminate only once per two or three days, is if you only ate once per two or three days. Food in, waste out. It's how the body is designed to work. I consider myself constipated when I have less than two good bowel movements per day. Optimally, I like to have three good bowel movements a day.

It's the rule in nature (just watch an animal eat something and you will, very soon after, see them eliminating) When I petsit doggies, for example, I usually have to let them out to do their business about a half-hour to an hour after they eat, like clockwork. Eliminatory patterns are the same with babies as with animals. Food in, waste out is the rule of healthy bowel movements. If you eat three meals per day, you should have three movements.

Common Constipation Symptoms:
* Having to strain to have a bowel movement
* Having bowel movements that are hard, stringy or very small
* Abdominal pain and cramping
* Lower back pain which eases on having a bowel movement
* Gas and Bloating
* Dry skin, pasty skin (chronic constipation symptom)
* Lethargy and Fatique
* Mental Sluggishness
* Increased body odor or bad breath

Medically Urgent Constipation Symptoms:
If you experience the following, you may not just be dealing with being constipated. The presence of the following symptoms warrant medical attention and evaluation:
* Nausea with constipation * Vomiting with constipation
* Rectal Bleeding
* Blood in bowel movements
* Coffee-grounds looking bowel movements
* Severe abdominal cramping or pain
* Hard or sore place in colon, lump in intestinal tract
* Any other symptom appearing severe in nature
* A history of colon cancer + any severe symptoms

Constipation Remedies

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: If you experience chronic constipation that does not respond to normal remedies for simple constipation, it may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. The symptoms of constipation listed on this page are for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose colon health.