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What is the cosmic acting agency?


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles:

The cosmic casting agency is not a bricks and mortar place. There isn't a phone number to call or a building to visit. Basically, it's a vibrational thing -- I care about certain projects; I see certain potentials for brilliance; I broadcast the vibe for those who may pick up the casting ball and run with it. Far-fetched? Sure. So what? Hollywood is full of far-fetched ideas that made it. Blair Witch, Slumdog Millionaires, Psy.

Before you tell me I'm nuts for some of these choices (like Stephen Spielberg as Steve Jobs) let me also say I'm just having fun with this too. For me, Stephen has a similar energy to Jobs. I'd like to see him as Steve Jobs. Would he ever do it and would it ever work? Probably not but it was still fun for me to imagine and maybe it has been fun for you too.

Nor are all of these original thoughts. When I saw Jim Carrey in a certain photo, I thought I was looking at a young George Jones. Googling quickly showed that almost everyone has had that realization. If Jim Carrey doesn't get this role, something is not right with the Hollywood world. It's a match made in film heaven.

Cosmic Casting Calls:
Matt Damon as Joseph Wesley Newman

Jim Carrey as George Jones

Woody Harrelson as William Linville

Russell Crowe / Billy Crudup as Steve Miller

Howie Mandel as James Twyman

Stephen Baldwin as Ab Jenkins

Edward Burns as Dain Heer

Steven Spielberg as Steve Jobs

Sidney Poitier as J.C. Stroble

Do you have a celebrity casting match you'd like me to broadcast here? Let me know. I may add it to the cosmic casting agency list! Just click the contact link at the top of this page to find contact info and I'll check it out. You'll get credit, of course, if I use it and I'll link your website as long as it isn't inappropriate for my readers. So, if you've seen an amazing casting potential and it hasn't been tapped by Hollywood yet, let's get it out there here, at the cosmic casting office. You never know. Someone who knows someone who knows someone may see it and go "ah, never thought of that".