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How to Let the Universe Know What You Want

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The Secret of Cosmic Ordering

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Introducing a program to help you engage universal lifesource energy, to create the life you desire. It's all about knowing how to clearly place universal intent and this is what the Cosmic Ordering process is designed to help you do.

The Secret and that movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, opened a lot of eyes a few years back. At the same time, they also spawned a lot of questions about how to create the life we really want and how to send out the right signal to the universe to get back what we intend. If we truly can co-create our reality with the universe and the universe is just waiting for us to play the game of co-creation on a grander scale, the question then becomes ... how do we do that?

I'm recommending the Cosmic Ordering Program because I like the energy frequency of Carl Moore, the fella behind this and a lot of program lines that deal with creating more of what we want in our lives. In chatting with Carl via email and in reading the material on the site, I found a lot that resonated with my personal approach to co-creation.

For me, the main benefit of any tool like Cosmic Ordering is that it stretches me beyond my comfort zone and typical view of reality. Whenever I have been able to reach beyond what I thought was possible, into a new mindset, then new potentials open up and I am expanded in my experience in some way that I can recognize. Any tool that helps me do this is valuable. I think the Cosmic Ordering Process is one such tool.the tool has done it's job.

if you feel like you might be ready for a consciousness expanding tool to assist you in co-creative play at a cosmic level, why not go over and read about this program. It might be the tool that's right for you at this time on your path.

Partial list of content in Cosmic Ordering Program:
* Learning how you may turn five minutes of downtime into a cosmic ordering session! Never feel you are wasting time or can't do anything due to time constraints again!

* Booking your PARKING SPACE ahead of time! I have a friend who does this about 95% of the time, at least the times I've been with her and she was driving. The parking spot right in front seems to either already be open or just opening up when she drives in. If just this benefit results from using the cosmic ordering program, it would be worth the price.

* Learning how to gauge and adjust your energy levels is another big promised result with the course. Cosmic ordering offers information on how to notice when your energy starts to dip and what to do about it when it does.

* Findig your perfect mate. I'm not seeking a partner and haven't for quite some time but if you are, the next result might be appetizing to you. Part of the Cosmic Ordering program covers how to find your perfect partner. It involves putting into practice a cleary defined 7-part system and then, as the course designer says, get ready for fun.

* Learning how to release negative thoughts and enjoy abundant life experiences.

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