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Oh, Dreaded Writer's Block!
How You Can Get Past It

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Are you stuck? Suffering from Writer's Block?

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I've been writing online since 1993. Writer's block is not something I have to deal with a lot in creating web pages because I usually know what information I want to share and, after all, it's only one page. In other areas of writing, I stall out regularly but is it really due to writer's block?

Like a lot of creative writers, I have a box full of unfinished novels and scripts. I have at least two sitcoms that I never finished (beond a pilot episode on one of them), etc. I can say I've finished a couple of one-act plays but the bigger projects elude me. In my case, if I'm being brutally honest, it isn't writer's block as much as lack of true motivation. The drive to write is not in me, the way it needs to be for those who write novels and movie screenplays and series.

I assume you are on this page because that really isn't the case with you but thought I'd mention that it may save you a lot of time and stress if you really, deeply look at how much you want to write. If it isn't something you absolutely love and feel you MUST do, there are easier ways to make a living. OK, that having been said, if you know you are born to write and just can't seem to get past the writer's block that has popped up in your way, this resource may be of value.

Unblocking the Writer's Block
This program got my attention when it mentioned brain frequencies. I've used binaural beats, hypnosis, subliminals and cd's entraining various frequencies such as Alpha and Theta, to help reach specific levels of brain activity for different purposes. My experience with sound frequencies has been varied, depending on how well I chose the frequencies and cd's with regard to whatever I was hoping to accomplish. It was quite intriquing to me to learn that this was a program designed specifically to enhance creative flexibility and freedom.

Right now, while your brain is engaged in reading these words, your brain frequency is probably between 14 and 20 hz., that is if you are actually focused and interpreting the words you are reading. This is our normal, waking world frequency. To open up the floodgates of ideas, creativity and positive thinking, a shift to other brain frequencies is helpful and the great thing about that is that brain frequencies can actually be entrained through sound.

On the website for Unblocking the Writer's Block, you can read a lot more about the history of binaural beats for creating different states of awareness. There's also a page that lists the specific binaural beats and frequencies used within the program, and why they were chosen to address Writer's Block. The particular state of awareness that the creators of this program had in mind was "creativity on demand". It would be a cd that could generate the frequencies that help a writer access creative ideas quickly. Read more about the research and science behind the cd that resulted from this desire to increase creative flow for writers and maybe, just maybe you can End Writer's Block forever! Just click the link to learn more about this and other cutting edge frequency recordings for the creative soul.

At the time I am posting this information, the price of this course is drastically reduced. I am not sure how long this special offer will continue so I'm not putting a price here on the website. Just check it out and see how it feels to you. Thanks, Neva

Health Disclaimer: If you have epilepsy or any other type of brain injury, condition or illness involving the brain or eyes, please check with your doctor before using binaural beats cd's.