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Will you suffer Creative HEART failure? Guest Article by Jack Turnbull

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Whatever your passion in life, this inspiring article by Jack Turnbull at Actorsite can help you get back in balance with your creative goals. I personally attended actorsite workshops and classes when I was in Burbank, California and I think they've got a great resource there for creative souls who want to break into one of the toughest career arenas on earth, which is performance art. As an acting teacher myself, I've seen that acting skills serve throughout life, to instill more confidence, creative thinking, spontaneous living and broadened perspective of life.

Note from Neva - What CD workshops Don't Do:
Like every other actor who will try every avenue to get seen, I started going to CD workshops hoping a Casting Director would notice me, remember me and call me in for auditions. It isn't unheard of but it's definitely not the best reason to take CD workshop at Actorsite or anywhere. It's not common for people to be called in after a workshop. The workshop should be considered just that -- a place to hone your craft and, more importantly, your presence with casting directors. So many actors freeze up when they are in front of an industry professional. These workshops can help you become more at ease with the whole audition process and that's the main reason I recommend them.

The Heart of a Champion - How to stay creatively inspired without burning out
So many in the creative world lose the drive and "HEART" to perservere through the tough times. That's why it's so important to find quality exercises to perform every day that can keep your HEART strong so it doesn't fail when the pressure to succeed becomes too great. You can make your heart strong and flexible, and make it learn to rest and rejuvenate, and make it the most powerful muscle in your body----the HEART of a champion.

Take those things that you LOVE to do and be sure you allow yourself to put your HEART into them. Take the time to go bowling, or play chess, or go golfing, or play tennis, or go hiking, or go to the beach or play with animals, or build a house with habitat for humanity, or volunteer at a mission, or other volunteer work.

REJUVENATE! Remember to ration your time so that you can take such time to rejuvenate your HEART and your love of acting. Take those skills that you need to practice daily and practice them and give your HEART and soul to them, so that you are ready and willing and strong and practiced and all of the things that you need to be to be prepared to take a bite out of the next opportunity. Put your HEART into your scenes in workshops, and your scenes in classes and practice acting aerobics where you do scenes over and over again to build strong performance skills and strengthen your acting HEARTmuscle.

Exercise your body to bring up your HEART rate...get to the gym and work out and listen to the beats of your HEART and know that you are alive...alive to conquer, alive to perservere, alive to succeed, alive to try again after failure, alive to build and grow and prosper. A strong HEART will help you in so many areas of your life...so exercise that HEART muscle and grow and build for the future. And a strong HEART will help you roll that boulder up the mountain just a little further----THESE ARE THE BEST TIMES OF OUR LIVES, SO LETS ENJOY THE CAMARADIE AND BUILD SOMETHING BIGGER THAN EACH OF US INDIVIDUALLY...

Put your HEART into it.

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