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Spiritual Awakening and Your Children
Effects of Critical Mass on Teens

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Spiritual Awakening and Your Children - The effects of critical mass on children


If you are unfamiliar with the term critical mass, you may first wish to read the introduction to this article: What is Critical Mass?

My first exposure to this idea of a planetary critical mass was when I read about an experiment with monkeys that was conducted in the Marshall Islands. Scientists were studying monkey behavior and there were two groups doing these studies, located on opposite ends of the island. Scientists on one end of the island were noticing a monkey practicing a new behavior, which was to take his food down to the water and wash it off. After the first monkey learned to do this, those around him started following that behavior and taking their food to the water too.

As the story goes, when the 100th monkey washed his food, the other group of scientists began to report that monkeys on the other side of the island also began washing their food in the water. There are those who say this experience never happened too. I really don't care if it happened or not, in this particular experiment because I know it's real, critical mass. I know that enough people, holding the same behavior, reach a point where the behavior can transmit to others far away and create change that is monumental. This knowing is why so many groups call out for focused group prayer for peace. They recognize that the energy being held for war, power, greed and hatred is strong and to shift that behavior, the answer isn't more guns; it's more people holding and modeling the energy and behaviors of a peaceful planet.

Critical Mass and Children:
We live in a time of unprecedented spiritual awakening. Many of us who have been on the path since the 80's or before are truly feeling the awakening of mankind on a global level now. It is a time of great transition and part of that looks a lot like old chaos and turmoil. If your children are reacting to the collective consciousness still enmeshed in 3-d realities like war, poverty, fame and money, you may be seeing some behaviors that trouble you as a parent.

Perhaps you've had an awakening of your own and look at life differently now but the old patterns of behavior are still what the child remembers. It may be a bit idealistic to expect these discontented adolescents and teens to make an easy turn-around, just because their parents have decided to drop the corporate cloak and seek a spiritual path. In fact, this particular age group may momentarily become even more rebellious, seeing the latest shift in priority as an indication of parental selfishness or fickle instability. They may initially prefer the comfort of the known.

There are particular groups of children who incarnated awake. These include the Indigos. The spiritually adept children also have struggles because, often, they are more aware than their parents.

Part Two: Parenting through the tipping point