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Dr. Group's Organic Detox Foot Pads


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Dr. Group's Organic Foot Pads® aid the body in naturally detoxing heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins. Detoxing foot pads are applied to the soles of the feet and draw toxins into them, from the body. These organic foot pads access 60 acupuncture points to help stimulate detoxing and balance health, when worn as directed. Some people prefer using the foot pads over taking a supplement internally so I'm providing this detox option because of the organic ingredients used. The foot pads kit includes 10 detox patches.

Features of Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads:
* Certified Organic ingredients (this is the major difference I see myself)
* They were created by a world leader in detox foot pad manufacturing, Kenrico.
* The detox foot pads create negative ions and emit far infrared rays, both considered healthy by many alternative health practitioners.
* Dr. Group offers a money back guarantee and their customer service staff is certified by the Better Business Bureau. They offer support in answering questions as you use the detox pads
* Shipping care is considered with these ingredients, and they are protected by potential exposure to radiation in shipping facilities, by being packaged in mylar bags

What's in Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads: Organic Ingredients include Bamboo Vinegar, Agaricus Blazei Murril, Dokudami-Houttuynia Cordata and Loquat Leaf. In addition, the foot pads could be considered to have gemstone therapy properties since they contain the gemstones tourmaline and amethyst.

Gemstone Therapy is an alternative health modality which involves the use of specific gemstones for their innate health-giving qualities.  While primarily associated with the external use of gemstones, such as working with crystals or other gemstones in association with Reiki Healing or other alternative healing modalities, gemstones may also be ground to a powder and applied topically.

These unique detoxing pads also contain a specific starch called dextrin which helps absorb toxins as well as binding together the other ingredients in the pads. The ingredients were chosen because of their detoxing and health-giving properties.  

Bamboo Vinegar is the most common of the ingredients used, and I see this ingredient in a lot of detoxing foot pads out there, though this is the only one I've seen that offers organic bamboo vinegar.  The purpose of the bamboo vinegar is that it helps the body release toxins. Additionally, Bamboo vinegar has antifungal and anti-iflammatory properties and has been touted as useful for skin conditions.

Loquat Leaf contains beneficial acids and vitamins, in particular vitamin B17, and may be useful for controlling detox and cleanse symptoms including nausea.  Loquat leaf provides additional drawing effect, to bring toxins to the foot pad. I was intrigued to find, when researching Loquat Leaf, that this evergreen leaf has been explored for helping relieve chemotherapy side effects and also for blood sugar control factors. In light of the latter, if you are on blood sugar meds, check with doctor before using Loquat Leaf, even topically as you would with a foot pad for detoxing.

Dokudami-Houttuynia Cordata is a third toxin-drawing ingredient in the Dr. Group foot detox pads, not only drawing toxins to the pads but absorbing them.

Agaricus Blazei Murril is a type of mushroom which has been associated with helping the body manage allergic symptoms, blood sugar issues, bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Tourmaline is the gemstone ingredient responsible for giving off the far infrared rays as well as also releasing negative ions.  In addition, tourmaline's health qualities include helping the body relieve stress, improvement of circulation, immune response boosting and increased mental alertness.

Amethyst gives off negative ions as well and is associated, in gemstone therapy, with having a beneficial effect on the nervous system as well as being a very cleansing frequency.

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Detoxing Disclaimer: Topical applications allow for a certain percentage of ingredients to enter the bloodstream. A health care consultant in the spa industry told me that the body will absorb around 40 percent of facial ingredients or body wrap ingredients. I would expect the percentage might be less for foot pads but still, you are going to get some of the ingredients in your blood stream so the same disclaimer always applies - check with your doctor if on medications or under care.