Detox Heavy Metals Safely
Without Taxing Your Liver

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PCA is a living organism for healing.

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Unlike the chemical ingredients used in some chelation therapies, the ingredients in PCA are living, helpful bacteria and microbes that, when introduced to the blood stream, become a natural part of the body's immune system, helping the body heal the way nature intended. PCA contains:

* Peptides of glycine (an immune system booster helpful for a wide range of conditions including gout, anxiety, insomnia BPH, stomach ulcers and more) * Glutamic acetylcysteine, Peptidylgluconase
* Ferments of beneficial flora including acidophilus and lactobacillus, so important to intestinal health
* Ferments of algenic acid, lipoic acid and silica, all of which provide additional health-building support properties
* Additional vitamins and minerals important to the detox process.

What else is different about PCA?
1. PCA safely chelates heavy metals, binds them completely to support the body's ability to then eliminate the heavy metals from the body. PCA, unlike many heavy metals detox formulas, is actually healthy for the liver - This dietary supplement actually helps support liver function while safely detoxing heavy metals.

3. Regular users of PCA have noticed lower enzyme counts and improvements in situations where there is cardiovascular or cerebral vascular plaque - Again, not suggested as medical treatment or replacement for any medication or treatment your doctor may prescribe for arterial plaque. This is a dietary supplement that many find helpful lowers elevated enzyme counts.

5. PCA does not remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium unless they are in the body at excess levels.

6. PCA is packed with fermented potencies of more of the best heavy metals detox and system-supporting ingredients available than any other detox formula I've researched. These include Blue-green algae, Chlorella, Fulvic acid, Acetylcysteine, Phytoplankton, Ionic sea minerals, Hyaluronic acid and Glutathione, in the form of micro-fermented peptides. Order PCA

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. PCA is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.of action for detoxing heavy metals from your system.