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Do it Yourself Body Wraps Guide and
Why I Recommend Organic Bodywraps

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Do It Yourself Body Wrap Kits

Do you want to enjoy detoxing and toning with body wraps but don't want to pay spa prices? Do your own body wraps at home!

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The Complete Home Body Wrap Guide teaches you how to do safe, effective wraps in the privacy of your own home. Instantly get complete details on how to create the kind of body wrap you want to experience. Learn about different types of wraps, and which ingredients to use to customize your own unique wrapping experience. If you are ready to start doing body wraps at home, head on over to amazon and pick up your kindle copy of the The Complete Home Body Wrap Guide and start doing your own therapeutic wrapping at home.

Organic Body Wraps: If you've been on my site much, you know I favor organic foods but the same is true of anything you put on your skin. Some of whatever you use gets absorbed into your blood stream so please consider going organic if you wrap. You may want to pick up a copy of the kindle version of organic body wraps by Calissa Hatton, available for instant download through amazon digital services. This handy and inexpensive digital guide covers the secrets of organic herbal body wraps, and includes real formulas that are used in the most elite spas. Included are full instructions on how to wrap, where to find organic herbs, and the secret to the ultimate body wrap experience at home. Keep in mind that quality organic ingredients will cost more but, in my mind the beneficial difference is worth it. Buying organic ingredients and doing your wraps at home could still save you anywhere from $30 to $60 over salon prices.

Health Care Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before doing a body wrap if you have any known medical condition and particularly if you have been diagnosed with circulatory problems, diabetes or heart conditions or if you are pregnant or nursing.

The Complete Home Body Wrap Guide Reviewed by Neva Howell. Do it yourself bodywraps instruction How to create a custom body wrap at home.