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Dream Interpretation Symbols Guide
for Interpreting Your Dreams

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Ask A Healer Spiritual Dream Interpretation

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Remember Your Dreams!

Learn how to interpret your dreams and dream symbols

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As I've mentioned before in this series on spiritual dream interpretation, a dream symbols guide is just that - something to provide guidelines and a place to start. Each person's dreamscape will be unique to them so any guide will hit or miss. However, guides can be helpful for learning how to read dream symbols and understand some of the archetypal and spiritual implications of dream events.

Featured Resource: Free Dream Course: Thank you for your interest in our dream interpretation course! When you sign up for this free course, you will receive a lesson every two days, via your email address. All you need to take the dream interpretation course is a valid email account. The information on the site states that you have permission to save the lessons on CD/DVD and even print them.

This dream interpretation course is designed for people willing to study the dream interpretation methods. It treats of dream methods since the ancient tradition, up to the psychoanalytic era of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. This course may be helpful for those who want to learn to work with their dreams as well as those who are working in a field close to dream interpretation. Upon finishing the course we'll lead you to more resources on dream interpretation, should you need to study further.

The course consists of 6 lessons which cover the meaning of dreams in the primitive world and dream interpretation in the old testament, Artemidorus and Macrobius. In addition, it covers the psychoanalytic approach of Sigmund Freud and the Archytpal Theory by Carl Jung.

To sign up just go to the Dream Interpretation Course now and sign up for free.

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