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Ask A Healer Spiritual Dream Interpretation

Interpreting Dreams from a Spiritual Perspective


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This is part of my series on interpreting dreams in a spiritually significant way. As mentioned elsewhere, my own method of working with my dreamtime messages does not follow any guide that I've read or know about. The techniques I use have emerged from my observance of dreams, questioning about dreams and learning through repeated examples from my own dreamtime.

Rather than using these dream interpretations as "the way to do it" I encourage you to view them as examples only, of how to begin to understand the terrain of your dreamtime through a spiritual lens. The most important aspects of dream interpretation, in my own experience, are intent and focus. Setting your intent to remember dreams may take practice. Learning to recognize the meaning of your dreams may involve focus as well as heightening your own sense of your dreamscape. I encourage journaling as a way to begin to see the special and specific ways your dreamtime messages come forth for you.

Dream Interpretations List:
medicine dream - russell crowe Do you dream about celebrities? I sometimes do and this is one example. It's been a long time since I had this dream but I still remember the deep, strong spiritual resonance of it. Wow. I love dreams like this one!

dream about cleaning bathrooms This dream is a good example of applying the meaning of locations in dreams. It's one of the clues I get from my own dreamtime, as to what the message might be for me.

dream about spiritual ceremony A good example of how the dreamtime can sometimes pass your life in front of you, like in spiritual review, so that you can see the path of your choices more clearly.

medicine dream - brad pitt Another celebrity dream, this time with the beautiful Brad Pitt. What was significant about the way Brad showed up in my dream and why.
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