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Ask A Healer Spiritual Dream Interpretation

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Interpreting Your Dreams


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This is part of my series on interpreting dreams. In this series, I am sharing my own approach to finding meaning in dreams, meaning of a spiritual nature. Medicine dreams, dreams that tell you something of acute spiritual significance, are not anything new. References go back as far as biblical times, as in the dream of the Pharoah of Eqypt.

Skinny Cows and Fat Cows
So, if you dreamed of seven skinny cows that ate seven fat cows and were still skinny after eating them, what might that mean? The Pharoah of Eqypt did not decide it was something he ate before going to bed. He didn't dismiss the dream. He called for a dream interpretation and discovered that this particular dream was spiritually potent and important. This biblical example struck me deeply as a young woman but it was decades later before I truly understood how powerful a medicine dream could be in my own life.

If you want to start having significant spiritual dreams, ask for them. Journal what you remember from dreams on waking and meditate on them, gently holding the details in soft consciousness while sensing into what area of your life the dream may be illuminating. Over time, you begin to learn the subtle yet distinct ways your dreamtime will teach you about yourself and your path.

Your journey into understanding your dreams may begin as simply as placing a pen and pencil by your bed at night and asking for dreamtime assistance, support or entertainment before you go to sleep each night.

You may want to invest in dream software if you are more at ease with computerized journaling. I looked for a free dream interpretation program online but was nervous about linking them because the reviews so often mentioned the free ones having advertisements or other bundled items included. If you do get a free program, just be sure to watch the installation process carefully and uncheck any other unwanted programs that may want to install as well.

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