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Can Dreams Make You Sick
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We now interrupt this dream...

Can Dreams Make You Sick?
It's been an interesting couple of days since my last blog. I had the very strong medicine dream about sex which I reported two days ago and then, though I know I dreamed, I've had zero recall past two nights.

What has happened though, in the absence of dreams I recall, is that I'm manifesting all the symptoms of being sick, for the first time in a year. Looking at illness as a spiritual message as I do, I can see how I created this flu step by non-progressive step. I see it as a sort of spiritual detoxing and this isn't the first time one has come on the heels of a medicine dream. Dreamtime work is very potent and will bring forth your deepest fears, strongest points of unresolved anger, and just about any other unresolved issue in your life.

I knew the dream about the man and woman was significant but in light of this flu, I see it is even more significant but it is not the only factor in why I'm sick. I can identify at least three more. Prior to feeling sick, I was in a very non-motivated "stuck" feeling place for about a week. It led to depression. I know for certain that depression, stress, unresolved fear or anger and other emotional imbalances take a toll on the immune system. Additionally, the end of a seven-year spiritual marriage a few years ago really took a toll as well.

Since then, I have built my immune system up tremendously thru the use of antioxidants, immune system builders, etc. However, there's only so much a system can take, even a good one, before it sounds an alarm of imbalance and pain.

Counting Energy Units!
My personal energy units, the units I personally require to keep my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance on the earth, had also been compromised and I began to follow the trail of how this had happened as well, when looking at the message of the dream. I had connected with a spiritual friend by phone and didn't realize that I had sent out personal energy units to her and also toward another male healer she connected me with, by talking of him. Suddenly, I realized that energy was still flowing out to her and draining me. No one's fault but my own.

It is my knowing that a healing facilitator needs 100 percent of their personal energy units (I got that term from Caroline Myss, I think and it really fits so I use it a lot) to keep their body, mind and Spirit in tact, strong and powerful. The only energy that should ever flow forward to another being in a healing facilitation exchange is Universal Life Force Energy. I know this. I've known it for years ....... didn't stop me from reverting back to old habits.

In seeking out the imbalances that constituted the flu for me, I also realized that I had been expressing anger toward little things, little inconveniences. This had also drained my energy.

And finally, I simply have not resolved the issues represented in the dream. Issues about trust, love, intimacy, and even more important, walking in full spiritual power. So, I spent a great deal of last night working thru some of these issues, doing healing facilitation work on myself. Couldn't sleep anyway with this stuffy nose. By the way, I associate a stuffed nose with a stuffed emotional field. So....lots of spiritual detoxing and release work to do.

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