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Energized Water Spiritual Enhancement Tool
Quantum Physics and Zero Point Field Energy

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i was in menopause ... did ausome water impact my menses?

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Quantum Physics and Zero Point Energy Principles used in Energetized Water


Update: Please note that the name of Keith Perry's formulas has changed from Ausome Water to Awesome Drops. Of the different formulas available, the one that I personally tried and have written about is the original, now called "Spirit".

I can't explain the effects of this water. I use it myself and have written in great detail about all the positive effects I've seen with Ausome Water. That doesn't mean I understand how it works. In case you reached this page directly from a search engine and not from reading my 7-day review, Ausome Water is an altered water supplement created with spiritual intent and users report many benefits at a spiritual level. I certainly experienced expansive energies with this product, which is why I went to the trouble of writing about each day of my experience with it.

Is this a ZPF Product? I'm not the person who can answer that question scientifically but in my experience of it, I feel this technology definitely utilizes the ZPF. It is based on a lot of stuff I get on some soul level, such as the energy of the zero point field and the potential of quantum physics and the morphic field. I'd say it's not for everyone. I think those meant to try it will, as I did, just get a really strong sense that they resonate with it. That's hard to articulate, that sense. If you are in tune with something, in alignment with it, you will probably feel it.

In addition to what I've reported, regular users of this product report increased sense of clarity, stronger field of peace around situations and thought processes, a more stable emotional field, the rapid coming in of shifts and changes deemed as positive and more. Others utilize the frequencies in Ausome Water to help them break addictive patterns and limiting belief systems.

Update - Ausome Water is now Awesome Drops: I received a phone call from Keith Perry today, letting me know that he had changed the formula and name of the product and that is is available via his website here: Awesome Drops. I have not personally tried any of the new formulations besides the original, which is now called "Spirit".