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Festival Listings for Vendors
Fairs and Festivals in your area

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UPDATE: I no longer link to this service. My apologies. If the information sounds helpful to you, you may still be able to find it through internet search.

Festival Listings Service: Are you a vendor with a unique product or a service? Do you enjoy fairs and festivals? Now there is a festival listings service that can help you find local events


Festivals and fairs can be a wonderful way to meet new friends, have new experiences and make money too.

Although I never made much money (too busy going around to everyone else's tables and visiting, ha) at fairs, I made many friends and feel my time spend doing this was spiritually rich and rewarding.

Different kinds of festivals, of course, accept different types of vendors. It may take a bit of doing to find the events that most suit your products. I almost always found new festival listings thru friends as there didn't seem to be a central place to find out what was coming up in my area.

My apologies. I used to link to a service for those who want to participate as a vendor in festivals and fairs. This service was offered through clickbank. They made a change to their policies that I did not agree with so I no longer promote clickbank products but you can find such offerings by internet search.

I didn't see a lot of metaphysically based fairs and festivals listed but there are tons and tons of arts and crafts fairs. Spiritual artists could enjoy this type of festival listings service as well as those who make crafts of any kind.

It has a neat "find by state" search option too, so you can narrow the festival listings results to your area

In addition to the many arts and crafts festivals listed, there were also a number of events that just looked plain fun to me. If you just like going to fairs and festivals as a participant and not a vendor, this could be a wonderful resource.

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