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Looking for celebratory events in your area?

Want to vend at Fairs and Festivals?
Fancy a spa retreat in Cabo San Lucas?

To look for spiritual festivals, you might want to check out Spiritual Events. It's a virtual calendar of spiritual happenings in the United States. Last time I visited, they had quite a nice collection of different events listed.

Speaking as someone who used to attend fairs as a speaker and healer, it's a little challenging finding events online for some reason. This might be a good resource if you either want to attend a lot of events or wish to vend at events.

Festival Fire is an interesting resource for those who seek community and want to experience cultural transformation. According to the website:

" Transformational refers to cultural transformation or the re-invention of humanity on earth. These events are not your ordinary music concerts. We are building a culture of caring - for each other, ourselves, our neighbors, our planet.

These gatherings are collaborative open-sourced villages, devoted to experimentation and inspired co-creation of the world we want to live in. And we believe that YOU, that everyone, has something to bring to the table!"

I believe resources such as Festival Fire are emerging now because we need community to usher in the New Earth reality. I don't have personal experience with this organization so be sure to ask questions and see if their vision is in alignment for you. I'm sharing because I am glad some folks are providing community experiences for learning how to navigate in our rapidly changing environment.

Learn more about Festival Fire

Spiritual circle connections available. I am available for a very limited amount of in-home, hosted events. If I am available, I may accept invitations that seem in alignment, to come to someone's home for the purpose of sharing with their circle. Host an Etheric Alchemy Playshop.