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Spiritual Implications of Physical Discomfort - Health Question about condritis (costochondritis) and fibromyalgia

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Question on spiritual healing: I have had fibromyalgia for almost ten years and have been getting seriously worse. I have graduated to consros condritis (admin note: I believe the writer was referring to chondritis, a condition where cartilage joint surface becomes inflamed or costochondritis, an inflammation that occurs in the upper ribs area) and rynauds. I can't work any more and I hate this. I want my life back. I have traced bad attacks to cycles of suns high solar storms. The pain leaves me weeping and numb. Also, I seem to be very susceptible to weather pressures and people with negative energy, which I try to block or avoid. Do you have any ideas on directions I might take?

Healing facilitation response: Fibromyalgia is a puzzling physical problem that commonly causes chronic pain, fatique, sleep disturbances and mental states of confusion so distinct as to be named "fibro fog". The symptoms can be so severe as to interfere with daily life. Fibro is also a prime example of western medicine creating a condition. The word myalgia literally means "pain in the muscles". In other words, the fibers of your muscles hurt. It isn't a condition at all but a set of symptoms. On a very practical level, one of the first things I would look at is mercury toxicity. Fibro symptoms can point to mercury overload in the body. I have a series on detoxing mercury from amalgam fillings.

Lyrica was the first drug introduced to specifically treat fibro. Lyrica is an anticonvulsive and has potential side effects that include an increase in suicidal thoughts. After Lyrica came Cymbalta and Savella. None of these drugs corrects the issue; they are aimed at pain relief and work less than half the time. Educate yourself on the main 3 Prescription drugs for fibromyalgia if you are considering going the prescription drug route to treat.

As you know if you found your way to my site, I will answer your questions primarily from a holistic and spiritual perspective whenever the door is open for me to do so. You mentioned negative people as a factor in your fibro flare-ups. That's enough of an opening so here goes. The very journey of your spiritual self is part of the reason that fibromyalgia is a challenge. I've found that the most spiritually sensitive are also the most physically challenged, until they learn or are taught to balance the energies.

Fibro is a signal that higher energies are meeting cellular resistance. I still struggle with fibro, even though my pain is greatly diminished from what it was in 1988. The times I struggle are directly related to either personal chaos or planetary chaos (sun flares are a form of planetary chaos, as are tragedies such as Tsunami, 9/11 and Katrina). Pain Relief Exercises

Weather and fibromyalgia, the connection from a spiritual perspective:
The weather is a more difficult fibro factor to talk about, since it is a representation of not just one person's energy but mass consciousness, yet, the same principal applies: When we are out of the way, and letting God flow thru us, there is a stillpoint where appearances of chaos and imbalance do not shake our center. I have been in that stillpoint at various times and though I have not mastered living there, I offer the vibration of that truth to assist you in finding your own stillpoint of being. I know it feels as if you don't have your life, as if it is something you must get back. The truth is that you are a spiritual warrior full of life, who is being mightily trained and challenged. It is all good.

Health Disclaimer: This fibromyalga information is educational in nature and from a spiritual perspective. It is not intended to replace any needed medical attention from you doctor. If you have fibromyalgia, please explore all the avenues of healing that present themselves so that you can make an informed decision on the best treatment regimen for yourself.