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Flu Prevention Tips - Staying Well Naturally


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What you can do to Avoid Catching the Flu this winter: Maintaining balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels is key to staying healthy, in general. These areas of balance, for me, become even more vital during the winter months, when there is less sunshine, more stress with driving, less ease of attending creative and fun events due to weather, and more flu bugs floating around.

Our bodies thrive in balance in a very real physical sense, because minerals, vitamins, amino acids, water and other nutrients must be present in correct amounts for wellness to persist. As important as physical components of balance are, there are other levels of balance that body requires every bit as much as balanced nutrition, such as a balance of work and play, sleep and activity, mental fitness and meditative fitness.

Sometimes the most profound advice is also the most simple. For example, one very simple but deeply effective flu prevention tip is to simply make more time to relax, meditate and enjoy life.

I also recommend reading about natural antibiotics as a way of boosting the bodie's own response to germs and bacteria. We can't avoid germs but we can strengthen our bodie's ability to fight them. Below, you'll find some other useful flu prevention tips.

Simple Precautions to Reduce Flu Risks
Flu Prevention Tip 1: Sanitize Frequently!
Carry hand sanitizer with you at all times. Use it to wipe down high traffic door handles, shopping carts, and supermarket freezer door handles.

Flu Prevention Tip 2: Wash your hands like a surgeon.
Washing or sanitizing hands frequently will reduce risk but it takes more than just swishing your hands under water. Whenever you've been around anyone with colds or flu, or you've been out in crowds, wash your hands longer, like a surgeon scrubbing up. Teach children to wash their hands after handling toys held by other children and before eating even a snack. Create these good habits at home by encouraging hand washing while your children have friends over, so that the good habits get enforced within their circle at school.

Flu Prevention Tip 3: Attack the flu early!
Most people start feeling a little bad, at least 24 hours before they actually get sick. The problem is that most of us go hard and fast every day, and don't pay attention to that little irriation in the ears, of the little bit of a scratchy throat we have. We don't respect the subtle signals of fatique the body sends out, and then we end up with a full-blown case of the flu. With treatment at first sign of cold and flu symptoms, many flu cases can be avoided. It all boils down to self-monitoring and taking aggressive action at first sign of infection.

Stock your First Aid Cabinet BEFORE you Need To Restock.
I always stock my cabinet at the beginning of cold and flu season because there is nothing more miserable than being sick and having to go out and buy remedies. I always have the following on hand in my flu prevention kit during cold and flu season:

Simply Saline
Throat Lozenges
Cough Lozenges
Electrolyte Drinks
Homepathic Sleep Remedy

Consider stocking your winter first aid kid with immune enhancement supplements containing natural antibiotics since a strong immune system helps the body ward off viruses and infections. An effective cold and flu first aid kit should also be stocked with remedies for lessening the severity of flu symptoms because one of our bodies best healing modes is deep, restful sleep and anyone with the flu knows how hard that is to get with full-blown flu symptoms like a stopped up nose, achy joints, etc.

Flue or flu? The flu is sometimes mispelled flue. If you've reached this site while searching on the term flue shot, I've added this spelling as well so that you'll still find the health information you are seeking. The correct spelling is flu, short for influenza.

Health Notice, please read: These cold and flu prevention tips are, in no way, intended to replace any medical advice you may have gotten from your doctor. When under a doctor's care, you have chosen to entrust that doctor with your health and can only benefit from their knowledge by following the instructions they give you. You should always check with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen, whether natural or prescription.