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Just added! Free "Direct Your Destiny" Ebook from Holistic Makeover. You'll also find deals on intuitive readings, handwriting analysis, subliminals, numerology and hypnosis programs.

Biggest free ebooks site online: I just discovered this site recently and wanted to post a link for anyone seeking free information online. They list over 20,000 ebooks at no charge. Amazing site for Freebies. Click here to visit Project Gutenberg

Free Healing Journey Class
Do you feel you might be called to work as a healing facilitator, to assist others in their spiritual growth and healing? If so, I have a free healing class series that may help you better understand what is required to do healing work with spiritual integrity. Learn about creating safe and sacred space, understanding the natural pace of healing, doing the work within to prepare yourself as a healer, and more. This is a free online healing class.

The Power Connection Acting Class

Are you a ham? Or a strongly creative being? Or someone who struggles with social situations and public speaking? Either way, you may enjoy the free acting class I offer here at the Wellness Library.

Free Brain Entrainment Trial Downloads
Transparent Corp offers a free two-week trial of their brain entrainment and hypnosis software. You can try the Neuro-Programmer 3 or the Mind Workstation which adds enhanced neural stimulation methods, software to help you relieve stress and music soundscapes for relaxing and using with brain entrainment programs. Visit the website for these free software trials.

Free Ebook: End Bad Breath
Find out what causes bad breath, how to cure bad breath and other oral health tips. Free articles on dental health care, tonsil stones, dry mouth, and other dental concerns as well. Click here to download your free Free Bad Breath Ebook

Free Samples of Hypnosis Downloads: Listen before you buy. Hypnosis Downloads offers free hypnosis samples of new releases. Hear part of the actual program you'll be using on topics including Career Change Confidence, Wise Advisor, Coming Out as Gay, Suicide of a Loved One, Fear of Falling and Keep Running (exercise motivation)

Free Health PDF Downloads: Last but certainly not least, please visit my friends over at Native Remedies where you will find a truly helpful selection of health-related pdf ebooks free to download. If you'd prefer not to download them, just click on the articles page and you can read by health topic online instead. 163 free, instantly downloadable health-based ebooks

Disclaimer: Any free offers mentioned on this page that are not offered directly by myself here at the wellness library, are based on information I found on the websites at the time I visited them. If you do not find the free information, please let me know so that I may update the website. Also, please use your own discernment as to the value and validity of any free offer found here or elsewhere online.