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Natural Antiviral Formula for Warts
Attacks HPV Virus that Causes Warts

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Ask A Healer Natural Remedies Guide

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Essential Oils to Help the Body Heal Warts

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According to FDA, natural formulas may not be presented as remedies for genetal warts or HPV virus. Not a big fan of the FDA. They may do some good but I think they also do harm by tying the hands of those who make and sell natural remedies just because they have not been proven to heal, except in the minds and personal experience of the many users who have successfully managed their conditions with natural substances. On the other hand, the FDA approves dangerous prescription drugs that are later definitely proven to harm, and then have to be recalled.

See your doctor if you have HPV or genital warts but you may also want to read up on natural antivirals so you can make an informed decision on your own health. Tea tree oil and/or diluted oregano oil are substances often suggested for dealing with warts. Other helpful natural ingredients include topical applications of apple cider vinegar or green tea.

There are natural antivirals that may be helpful for the following types of warts:

common warts, verruca, body and flat warts

plantar warts: planter/planters warts

If you suffer with genetal warts, I hope you are still able to find help. One suggestion is to read the old herbal medicine books. I think they are still available and have not been blacklisted. Thank God the FDA cannot control what we read. As for remedies, the FDA has decided no natural remedy can claim to help genital warts.

However, there are still natural wart remedies that you may want to read about. One such remedy is by Wart Control.

Another one to check out is H-Warts.

Health Care Disclaimer: Be sure that what you have is genetal warts, by seeing your doctor and getting examined. Natural remedies that may be suggested as helpful for genetal warts are not represented as replacement for medical evaluation you may need.