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The FDA made a decision that affects your health. You should know about it. According to the FDA a natural remedy may not claim to heal herpes simplex virus. The language of the lastest FDA pronouncement causes several companies to pull natural remedies designed to help the body come back from a herpes outbreak quicker and provide support for reducing outbreaks. None of this changes the fact that most pure essential oils have either antiviral or antibacterial properties or both.

Note also that FDA-approved prescription drug remedies for treating herpes simplex virus only suppress the virus. None of them claim a cure. Neither do I claim a cure; I do claim that natural antivirals may help the body as much as prescription antivirals with less side effects. I still believe that. I also believe that, given support and nutrition, the body can heal anything.

As of this writing, there still exist many topical herpes ointments which contain ingredients having antiviral and antibacterial ingredients. I have linked one such formula in the banner at the top of this page.

Pure melaleuca oil, or teatree oil, has antiviral properties. Diluted and applied topically, many find that herpes outbreaks stop at prodome or if already present, outbreaks resolve sooner. Herbs with antiviral properties include Melissa (Lemon Balm) and Wild Olive Leave Extract.

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