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When Kundalini Awakens in Healing
Healing Journey Class, Lesson 7

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The Healing Journey Series

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Tips for Working with Kundalini Awakening as a Healing Facilitator

This is lesson seven of an online healing class about working with vibrational healing. In this lesson, we continue our discussion about kundalini awakening and I share some tips on working with this situation, should it occur while you have someone on your healing table.

How to Work with Kundalini Energies in a Session:
In lesson six, I described a little bit of my own kundalini awakening and the esctasy it invoked in me. My awakening occurred spontaneously with no male around. At that time in my life, and with my state of suppressed emotional and sexual energy, I may have been very prone to transferring my feelings about the event to the therapist. This happens a lot.

When you have an other-worldly experience like that, one that creates such a profound sense of inner freedom, wild bliss and energetic power, if you then look into the eyes of a caring and compassionate healer, there is a risk that the experience will be associated with them.

When in an altered state, it is quite easy for someone who has been sexually repressed to mistake the opening of the kundalini as a sexual attraction for the healer and, if the person is emotionally unbalanced to any severe degree, it can even feel as if it is being initiated by the healer, sexually, and directed toward them. It's important to recognize that this sort of transference may be possible and to be very clear with your own energy during the awakening process.

I step away, telling the person I am there and am not leaving the room, reassuring but removing my face from eyesight. This invites the person to sink into the experience absent of any association with me, gives the person time to recognize that the change is organic, and allow for a disconnect from any feeling of association.

The idea is to encourage healthy flow of what feels like very sexually energetic vibrational frequencies, without unhealthy transference of misdirected passions toward the healer.

Should a Healer Consciously Try to Create Kundalini Awakening? No.

Any conscious attempt to create a kundalini experience for someone else, or to create any sort of release from a mind space, is energetic manipulation. When kundalini awakening spontaneously happens, the healer's role (in as far as I am concerned) is to stay as much out of the way of it as possible while remaining as a source of energetic support and witness.

Should Sex be Used to Initiate a Kundalini Awakening? No.

Should Sex be Used to Heal Sexual Issues?
Short answer, no. Long answer -- Sometimes, allowing someone into your life again, after sexual abuse or damage, and learning to trust again, is healing in and of itself. That is far different than a therapist deciding that they need to have sex with you, to help you over your sexual issues.

I believe a therapist (with no intention of having a relationship with someone) who decides to have sex with someone for the purpose of healing their sexual mistrust increases the chances of unhealthy transference. In cases where there has been sexual abuse, such a choice has the potential to be more damaging than the initial trauma.

Every psychologist knows the danger of intimate involvement with someone when entrusted with that person's mental and emotional welfare. You can be no less aware, particularly when working as a spiritual healer in the area of the base and second chakras.

Note: Even if you feel you have no sexual repression or issues, you may be quite surprised to sense some surfacing as a new healer. It is amazing how deep we can bury this one challenge and often, the very act of working with someone who is trying to heal sexual imbalance can set a vibratory tone in us that surfaces our own deeply hidden pain, struggle, confusion or other issues with our bodies. If this occurs, get some healing work yourself!

Excerpts of this information are from my spiritual prophecy ebook which was retired this year.

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