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Topics include psychics and psychic readings, , spiritual healing questions, spirit orbs and mystical, magical spiritual experiences by unless otherwise noted.

Earmarks of a Gifted Psychic Series:
How Do You Know if a Psychic is Real? I want to get a psychic reading but I don't know how to tell a pscyhic showman from the real thing. What do I look for, to get a good psychic reading?

Evaluating Psychic Readers - More tips and clues on how to tell a high-level card reader, intuitive reader or psychic from a fraud.

Part 2: Gifted psychics don't need affirmation

Part 3: Gifted psychics know when to speak

Part 4: True psychics look within more than without

Part 5: True psychics let Spirit lead

Part 6: How to get a good psychic reading

Spiritual Healing Questions:
What would Jesus do? Was the baptism of Spirit that allowed the apostles to lay on hands, a special dispensation meant only for the few? Or did Jesus intend the gifts of Spirit to spread to the world through the hands of a chosen 12?
What is a healer? What is the role of an energetic healer within the realms of free will, the medical profession and the typical healing session?
Discount Spiritual Books Dee Henderson writes a sort of spiritual adventure book. She takes people in true life conflict and trauma and writes about how spiritual beliefs help people cope during the hard times.
What can I do to clear a clogged throat chakra?
I'm looking for natural ways to deal with sore throat and tonsillitis. Also, is there spiritual significance to these and what does the throat chakra have to do with it? Does being a healer interfere with a person's religious beliefs? I've been interested in alternative healing but I'm afraid it doesn't agree with my church. Will becoming a healer conflict with my religious beliefs?

Mystical and Magical Sharings:
What are orbs Goodness, gracious, great balls of.....light? About the mysterious orbs that sometimes appear in photographs

Spirit Orbs in Sacred Geometry Albert Villoldo is one of many who ascribe spiritual significance to orbs.

Taking Pictures of Orbs How one woman learned to capture etheric imagery.