What is in Organic Skincare?
Is Organic Skin Care Better?

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Antho Organic Skin Care

Have you been wondering whether using an organic skin care might help your skin better than products containing chemicals and artificial ingredients? One thing that may help you decide is to know that about 40 percent of anything applied topically to the skin, finds it's way into the blood stream. Antho is one company that stands behind their reasons for choosing organic and I'd like to share a little of their philosophy with you here.

What Antho uses in their skin care products:
Antho skin care contains USDA certified organic ingredients. This applies to their oils, essential oils, butters, herbs, etc. They also use all natural, premium clays and salts as well as Vegan and PETA approved ingredients.

What Antho does not use in their skin care: The don't use advertising gimmicks such as touting the most important and active ingredient in a formula without also disclosing that there isn't enough of that particular ingredient in the product to matter. They don't try to inflate the meaning of "organic" by such tricks as adding 0.5% of organic aloe in a 70% water-based lotion or cream and calling it 70% organic.

Antho does not contaminate their formulas with parabens or bad chemicals and synthetics. They don't substitute tocopheryl acetate for natural vitamin E either.Antho products don't contain synthetic preservatives or animal derrived products or non-nutritive fillers.

How Many Chemicals are in your Skin Care?
Might wanta check the label on whatever skin care products you are using now. You may be surprised to see a lot of chemicals listed along with whatever natural ingredients may be used. What do you know about these chemicals? Why are there, aside from extending the shelf life of the product? Do they provide any nutritive value to the skin at all?

According to the info I read over at Antho (and I've seen similar numbers mentioned in other articles) over 80,000 chemicals approved for use in skin care and beauty products and that the research on them is not impressive enough for me to think they are all safe. Since topicals are not foods, they are not as heavily regulated.

I believe that the less chemicals you have in your skin care product, the better. If you don't want a bunch of chemicals going into your skin and blood stream every day, it might be worth checking out an organic skin care option. Antho is not the only one out there, of course, but the do have quite a bit of information on the subject of chemicals and your skin so I'd suggest checking out the website and options.

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