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The first decision a person with hsv-2 ( genital herpes ) or hsv-1 ( oral herpes ) has to make is how to approach herpes treatment. You probably know, because of the agressive tv campaign, that there is only one genital herpes treatment that is approved by the FDA, Valtrex. You may also be aware that there are lots of other natural herpes remedies out there for addressing hsv2 but are not sure how to evaluate them. How you treat your herpes infections is a very individualized decision. The important thing is education. Once you know the facts, you can determine the best treatment plan for you.

Many herpes sufferers achieve quite remarkable results with natural herpes remedies rather than, or in addition to, using doctor-prescribed herpes medications but ultimately, we wanted to provide the most significant information available for successfully dealing with genital herpes outbreaks as well as other forms of herpes, such as cold sores, so you'll find a wide range of powerful information here.

The bad news is that the medical community doesn't yet recognize any herpes cure, whether for oral or genital herpes (also often spelled genetal herpies). The good news is you do not have to live with the pain of herpes outbreaks. Until there is a herpes cure, you can take agressive action and win against HSV-1. The outbreak stops here! The information in this section of the Wellness Libary focuses on herpes simplex virus symptoms, causes and available natural herpes remedies. We also cover tips for minimizing herpes outbreak pain and recurrence. You'll learn how you catch herpes and what the symptoms are and also included is a caution on natural remedies for herpes.

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Facts about Genital Herpes

Does having genital herpes (commonly mispelled genetal herpies) mean you can't date? Obviously, this is unthinkable for the young but the current medical data says that you can spread herpes at any time, even when you don't have any symptoms of outbreak so assuming there is no safe time, what does someone with herpes do? It can be traumatizing to tell someone you have herpes and it can be devastating to have someone you care about turn away from you because you tell them.

Not telling is not an option for the spiritually aware and conscious person. Even for those who don't have a moral issue with not telling, there is the constant fear that the other person may catch herpes and then realize they were not told something that was vital to their wellbeing.

One way that people with herpes are coping is to date others who already have hsv-2. Another way is to join an online STD Dating Service which features free STD ads, message boards, international search and instant messenger for those who have been diagnosed with Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Thrush or other STDs. Services such as these may provide a broader perspective on issues such as how to tell, personal experiences with spreading or not spreading the disease, and safe sex practices that are literally being developed by those with the greatest need for them.

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