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Holding a Sacred Pipe
Receiving Ancient Frequency

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Holding The Sacred; Touched by the Sacred


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The Space Between Things

A Shift Around Prayer

I stood with my hands outstretched and a Pipe was extended. It was heavy, black, old and odd, this artifact I call Sacred, because of what happened when it touched me.

the Pipe seemed to dance, moving thru rarified, thick air toward my hand and...
that very instant...
the moment stone touched flesh...
the world changed for me and I changed in it, cell to cell.

I stood wobbly, physically shaking and deeply sobbing in what felt like some space beyond time. I did not know why I wept...I felt like I was coming home, or home was coming into to me. It was reunion. It was family. Whatever this was, it was overwhelmingly Sacred. This precious something held in the Pipe, waiting for someone to receive...this that was touching me, burning me, flowing through me, changing me at a cellular level..this was soul family and my family knew me even though I had forgotten them.

I wept, I wept, I wept.

There was a scent, precious and sweet, supernatural. It was there, in an instant. It was gone in an instant. It was not of this earth.

An Experience Beyond Describing:
When I read the words above, they sound so ... inadequate to convey the reality. I could use a great deal more words. I am a word merchant. That would not be a problem. The problem is that, no matter how many words I used, I couldn't convey the power of that few moments. I could not say all that I felt and knew. To be seen, by those who love you most deeply and who have missed you, to be recognized and reunited with more of who you really are - what words can express that? It organically changed me, this touch from another time and place. I was touched, burned thru, changed and still. Very still. More on Direct Energy Transfers

What followed that brief but unspeakably powerful baptism of energy was unexpected. I had thought all would shift yet certainly not in the way it did. What followed was the abrupt and total tearing away of everything I considered meaningful in my life - My deepest and most intimate relationship, the peaceful place I had called home, the spiritual work I had been doing - all utterly gone.

More deeply troubling was the absence of any sense of who I was, why I was alive, or what I was to do with the rest of my life. For years, I could not function as a real person in the real world. Even years later, I remained unable to fully be here on the earth for the longing I had for home. I seemed stuck in the knowing but unable to bring the frequency I had received into a gift I could share with others. I knew this was part of the reason the gift came yet I felt incapable of sharing what I had been given.

Now, it is time. I am learning that I have survived the holocaust of my soul. I am discovering that I can walk with this energy and begin to consider how best to offer the gifts from that place of transformation that so utterly transformed me. I don't know if that means actual healing sessions with others or if it just means being present in a new way with those who cross my path. I am watching the new reality unfold, moment to moment and just intending to be as present in it and available to it as I am able. Should we share spacetime together?