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Considering Living Off the Gride?
Making the Switch to Solar Power

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Tips for Living Off the Grid

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According to the Global Warming and Solar Power Profile Page on the National Geographic Website, a couple of drawbacks to solar energy include the fact that it can't be used at night without a battery and that certain types of weather may interfere with solar power production. It should be noted that solar energy is still a very expensive green living option and that there may be a sacrifice in how much land is taken to produce it. Some may not think it a fair trade. That having been said, solar energy still holds a great deal of promise as a clean energy source so I'm including the following resource for those considering it.

Solar Busters by A.D. Green
Considering going off-grid? It can be a a daunting consideration. We have grown so accustomed to the comforts that electricity brings. It could be very helpful to hear from someone who has actually made the shift from electric to solar. The switch may not be as easy to make as it sounds and there may be important considerations that can help you determine if solar power is the best option for you. That's why I'm adding this green living resource by A.D. Green.

From Solar Busters: "We have lived 100% off grid using solar energy for many years. During those years we have observed many issues with solar energy that are rarely discussed. In this e-book we will discuss those issues. Issues relating to the environment, weather, geographical location & many more points to consider before investing your money in solar. Also included is an easy to create solar location tester." Learn more about living off the grid in Solar Busters

If you came to this page looking for an ebook called Save on Home Energy, it is a clickbank product. I no longer list clickbank products at the wellness library. You may locate "Save on Home Energy" via internet search. Sorry for any inconvenience.