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Green Living Featured Product - Home Purification System

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Update: 6/16/2014: The Green Living Advanced Purification Unit is out of stock. I am not certain when, or if, the Global Healing Center intends to stock it once more. You might do a search for it if it sounds like what you are looking for. My apologies. I will update the page in the future if the product again becomes available.

This is a featured green living resource I found while writing a six-part article on internal environment cleansing. It may be helpful to start at the beginning, if you have reached this page directly from a search engine search or a green living website link. clearing toxins from your home environment.

Featured for Cleansing and Detoxing Your Internal Living Enviroment:
The Green Living Cleanse Kit helps dramatically improve water quality as well as reducing toxic radiation and geopathic stress in your home.

Special features for home purification of your air: Green Living Advances Cleanse Kit includes High-efficiency HEPA filters, electrostatically charged grid for dust collection, air cleaning negative ions, germicidal UV lamp, washable pre-filter and activated carbon filter.

Special features for home purification of your water: Green Living Advanced Cleanse Kit includes the highly effective wellness shower filter and kitchen counter water purification system plus a water testing kit to evaluate the purity of your water.

Special features for home purification from toxic radiation and geopathic stress: Green Living Advanced Cleanse Kit includes Cellphone radiation protectors, home or office protection from toxic radiation, protectors for your computers and georesonators for protection from outside geopathic stress.

"Green Living" Cleanse Advanced Kit

Kit Includes: 1 Multi-Tech Intelli-Pro Air Purification System, 1 WaterSafe" - Home Drinking Water Test Kit, 2 Safe Space Cell Phone radiation protectors, 1 Safe Space I - Home or office radiation protector, 1 Safe Space II - Radiation Protection for Home, Office or Laptop Computers, 1 pack of GeoResonators - Protection from Outdoor Geopathic Stress

Cleanses: The Advanced "Green Living" Cleanse

Dr. Group's Opinion: Greatly improve the quality of your indoor air and water, and minimize harmful radiation.

A great kit for reducing toxins in the home and office. Greatly Improves air and water quality. Reduces toxic radiation and Geopathic stress. Creates better health and is recommended for people who are motivated and eager to cleanse their living environments of harmful toxins.