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Dechlorinated Shower filter

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Rainshow'r New Century
Dechlorinating Eco-Friendly
Shower Filter (No Shower Head)

Green Living Featured Product - Dechlorinating Shower Filter


Can't afford a full house filter?
Use Bath Ball Filter!

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ps. This page used to be about a featured green living resource I found while writing a six-part article on internal environment cleansing. That unit has since gone out of stock.

Featured: An eco-friendly, dechlorinating non-cartridge shower filter
Affordable option for removing toxic chlorine from shower water. The eco-friendly design uses less plastic and the filter is longer lasting (up to 18 months).Rainshow'r filters are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association, and they meet NSF Standard 177 for performance. The dechlorinating shower filter removes 90 percent of the chlorine from your shower water.

Shower Filter Features:
* Removes most of the chlorine from regular tap water
* Easy to install - no cartidge required
* Reduced chlorine showers promote healthier skin
* Reduced chlorine showers reduce dry skin and scalp
* Certified and Tested
* Long Lifespan


Health Disclaimer: Chlorine isn't the only toxin in home water systems. In older homes, there may be lead pipes that can leach lead into water supply so if you are looking for something to clean lead or heavy toxins that you know are in your water, you may need to get a water test kit and find out exactly what is going on.