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UPDATE: 2017 Finally on the other side of a debilitating period that included a mold allergy issue that took months to resolve, I can see now that the turning point for me was when I started taking probiotics. At the time, I started eating Stoneyfield organic yogurt every day and then, at some point, just started taking probiotics by pill for convenience. I'm convinced that, after getting out of the mold environment, probiotics were the most important step I took. I am over the age of 50 and feel that my age group, in particular, can benefit from daily probiotics but I also believe a healthy intestinal tract can have a direct impact on helping the body with allergies. Looking back on the homeopathics I'm about to talk about, I can say they helped initially but I can't say they helped long term.

ColdCalm by Boiron Somewhat Helpful - See Update


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Important, be sure you read this: Homeopathy is a mind-bogglingly precise methodology and the homeopath may take into account dozens if not hundreds of symptoms. There is no substitute for a thorough homeopathic workup with a knowledgeable practitioner. The general remedies available over the counter are not intended to replace a personalized remedy designed only for you, but they are a quick and less expensive option.

My Nasty Flu Bug Plus Mold Allergy Experience:
I just spent three of the most miserable days of my life, battling a nasty flu bug. I sneezed and coughed til I was coughing up blood. My head was heavy and stuffy and I was really having trouble breathing. At the same time I started experiencing acute sensitivity to mold.

We had a mold problem in the basement and it had always bothered me but when this flu bug hit, I really thought I would just cough myself to death. I know it was the mold because an attack would happen every time the heat kicked on. We had been told, by the fella that did our mold inspection report, that one of our main problems was that the heating and cooling structures that held the duct work, were part wood and when it sweats, it allows mold to grow right in the wood and it gets taken up thru the heating vent.

Update: A few years after leaving that moldy house, I have realized that it may have been almost impossible for me to heal while still in mold every day. Getting out was a big part of the cure. However, I also began to realize that part of what made me get so very sick may have been mercury overload from amalgam fillings. I've had three amalgam fillings since 1978 but had one of them crack during this period. I also didn't realize that leaking mercury from fillings may accumulate in the tissues over time and, at some point, the body has all it can take. I'm detoxing mercury now and it's making a big difference.

I can't really describe how bad it was then. I remember at one point thinking ok, dying doesn't look so bad right now. I never had severe allergies like that before and it created a whole new level of empathy for those who suffer with severe allergies. I would have left but I was simply too weak to do so. I did some research on mold allergy and homeopathy online and found that they often recommended a remedy called allium cepa. Unfortunately, I'm in a fairly small town and it was Christmas day. I called around but I couldn't find many stores open.

Literally fearing for my life, I drug myself out of bed and fairly staggered to the car. I made it to CVS and I saw ColdCalm by Boiron. I didn't think about the mold allergy then; I just hoped the ColdCalm would stop some of the flu bug symptoms. Then, as I looked at the ingredients on the back, I noticed the first one was allium cepa. I took the first dose asap and waited 15 minutes. You have to take 8 doses, each 15 minutes apart. From the first dose, I noticed I wasn't reacting to the mold like I was before, at least til time for the next dose neared. By the time the 8 preliminary doses were in me, I noticed I wasn't as congested in my sinuses, I did notice a lot of pressure in the sinuses before that time, as if the remedy was working very hard to restore balance there. I went from having a water faucet for a nose to a stopped up nose for a while.

Where to get ColdCalm
You can get this homeopathic remedy at CVS or maybe even Walmart.

Update, two days later: It appears the coldcalm only worked temporarily. After a few days, it was literally like I would take it, feel something getting better and then, wham, big symptom attack. I went back to the health food store and found a homeopathic specifically for allergies, also by Boiron. This one, called Sabadil. Now, this one worked! I also took the 12 tissue salts and the combo really kicked allergy behind!

Since I know we have a definite mold issue, I think a stronger approach for me (in addition to getting out of here, of course!) is to try some single homeopathic remedies. If you are dealing with mold allergies, it may take some experimentation to find the right homeopathic remedy. It's extremely helpful if you can see a homeopath because they do an exhaustive research based on all your symptoms to decide which remedy might address your unique situation best.

If your problem is exclusively mold allergy, you might want to try allium cepa, butterburr or biminne. However, the Sabadil may be easy to find and might get you thru, as it did me, for a few days. My thinking is that since cold symptoms and mold allergy symptoms crossover a lot (both cause itchy eyes, ticklish cough, sinus congestion, etc) it made sense to me to get something to address some of the symptoms of allergy along with cold symptoms.

For me, homeopathics were literally miracle workers and gave me a few days of feeling better so my body could begin to gain strength and recover. I have used many homeopathic remedies over the years. I find that the better I research, based on ALL my symptoms, the more likely I am to choose a remedy that works for me. It takes a little more research to find the right homeopathic remedy but it could be worth it!

Health Disclaimer: Homeopathics such as ColdCalm or Sabadil are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical attention, treatment or medicine. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, a full homeopathic work up takes hours and is incredibly detailed. Getting a personalized remedy from a homeopath is the best option, if you have the bucks and the resources. If you under a doctor's care, see your doctor before adding anything to your health regimen and discuss all natural supplements with your doctor.