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Howie Mandel Casting Call
from the Cosmic Casting Agency

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The cosmic casting call for Howie Mandel


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles:

The cosmic casting agency is an etheric frequency gridline being broadcast via the internet - wanta support spiritual cinema? Lend your vibrational frequency to these ideas....

Howie Mandel as James Twyman:

OK, yes, I know you are from Canada, Howie, and James is from Virginia.

And, before this year, I would not have connected those two dots at all, except for the physical resemblance.

Howie, for me you were a commedian (not an actor) and James, well....let's say...

I would have cast Pittbull a year ago (and yes, I know Pittbull is NOT from Virginian, either, ha). That may sound like even stranger casting than Howie Mandel as James Twyman ... I have my reasons.

The cosmic casting office is not about nationality; not where you're born but about matching vibrational frequencies.

About a year and a half ago (give or take a few months), I saw an energetic shift in James Twyman.

This year, I saw an energetic shift in you, Howie Mandel, as well.

With both those energetic shifts, I see a gridline of possibility now that I might not have seen before.

Howie, I just watched your video about your new book Don't Touch Me -- I felt like Dorothy looking behind the curtain at Oz. How awesomely human. Thank you.

So...here's your audition tape. James Twyman is called the Peace Troubadour ...

I don't even know if you sing Howie, or play the guitar. I just know the frequency alignment is there or at least possible. So, putting out the casting call.

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