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Hypnosis for Actors
Memorize Lines Easily

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Hypnosis for Actors - Improve your Acting Skills

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I have used hypnosis and subliminals many times in my life, either for creative purposes or for self-improvement in other areas of my life. I've found hypnosis to be quite helpful. The Actor's Pak is 4 hypnosis cd's specifically designed to help the actor create flawless, believable characters by overcoming the stumbling blocks that inhibit confident performance. The Hypnosis for Actors Pak helps performers to eliminate performance blocks for fuller, stronger results!

Hypnosis for Actor's Kit includes: Specifically worded hypnosis programs that are designed to help you reduce Stage Fright, develop a more enhanced and natural charisma, improve your ability to memorize lines and increase your capacity to do spontaneous improvs that are naturally inspired.

More About the Hypnosis for Actor's Kit: These are powerful hypnosis cd's, specifically designed for the film and television actor. Conquer stage fright and memoriziation as well as igniting charisma and improv skills. Great resource for film and television actors as well as stage performers.

Learn to memorize lines correctly, release stage fright before performances, light up your own internal charisma and act in a free, flexible and spontanous way that will engage your audience from start to finish. Remember your lines; give a performance free of stage fright; have all your creative gifts as your disposal!

The Actor's Kit Helps With Four Performance Areas:
1. Cure Stage Fright - Stand out by staying self-assured and confident

2. Magical Charisma - Basically, Charm the director's socks off!

3. Photographic Memory - Remember lines and directions with ease

4 Be Spontaneous - Free inhibitions and become more impromptu in the audition space.

Are you ready to leap to a new level of creativity and command of your craft? Then it might be time to consider hypnosis as another tool for your acting toolbox. Note from Neva: I've used hypnosis tapes more than once during my life. They worked. I used them when I was in financial straits and again when I was healing emotionally from childhood traumas. What is most important is to try the hypnosis tapes for long enough to give the subconsious time to help reprogram conscious responses.

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