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Cosmic Casting Call for Jim Carrey
For the New George Jones Movie

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The cosmic casting call for Jim Carrey


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The cosmic casting agency is an etheric frequency gridline being broadcast via the internet - wanta support spiritual cinema? Lend your vibrational frequency to these ideas...

Jim Carrey as George Jones:
I was watching a news show about country music legend George Jones. As I sat there, I literally wondered .... is this Jim Carrey in another body? Of course, George Jones has led a fascinating life and there's a story there, for sure but I kinda wanta talk about why an actor (Jim Carrey) would want to bring that story into being.

As an actor and from an actor's perspective, it is always fun to recreate the energy field of someone with such well-defined mannerisms and speech patterns, when both unique and watchable. The energy field of George Jones is rich with material any actor could play with and that alone should make male actors salivate.

Alas, the script in which I'm cosmically casting Jim Carrey may have been written in the minds of scriptwriters but it isn't casting in 3d yet, as far as I know. Maybe George Jones himself is not allowing a movie at this point in time. Otherwise, I can't imagine someone hasn't already written the male counterpoint to "Stand by your Man".

In any case, I think just listening to this video interview and seeing the pictures of George at different ages will make my point very clear. No matter the age of picture I see, I see Jim Carrey. Listen to the voice and broad accent .... Jim Carrey. I think it may be fate. See if you can watch this and not come to the same conclusion... George Jones Interview

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