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What are Bed Bugs?
How to Kill Bed Bugs

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What are Bed Bugs and how do you get rid of bedbugs after they show up?


If you are looking for a remedy for bed bugs, I recommend the All Stop Complete Bed Bug Solution. You'll see their banner to your left.

Bedbugs are parasitic bugs that feed off the blood or humans or pets. They are more apt to occur in heavily tourist areas, where a lot of people come and go all the time but any home can get bedbugs. Symptoms may include intense itching and red welts. Some people have even more severe reactions to the bites and may need hospital attention. For most, bed bug bits may be very annoying and uncomfortable but not life-threatening. If found in the home, bed bugs must be killed to prevent fast spread. The treatments vary from highly toxic to natural remedies.

I'll confess that one reason I sort of freak out about staying at a hotel is that I'm always a little nervous that there might be bed bugs. I've watched the tv exposes along with everybody else, where the reporter lifts the cover off the mattress and all these ugly bugs run everywhere. I've seen the pictures where people have welts all over and terrible itching from bed bug bites. OK, stop me. No sense going on. I'm sure you've seen it too. Anyway, without freaking out, I'd like to offer a resource that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about bed bugs and how to kill them.

How to Identify Bedbugs
The link I'm sharing has many pictures, both showing how a bedbug looks in various stages as well as it's size. They are smaller than you probably think. I'm just warning you before you go over there that the pictures may stick with you. If you think you have bed bugs, then go over and read more. If you are pretty sure you don't have them, then just read what's on this page for future reference.

You can reduce your risk of picking up bed bugs when you travel by making sure you don't put any of your suitcases or your purse on the floor in crowded travel areas like airports and make sure you don't place them on the floor near baseboards in hotels. Check around mattress edges when you check in for dark spots or other signs of bed bugs. One great tip is to find a hotel that has TemperPedic or memory foam mattresses. Bed Bugs don't like those.

There's something called diatomaceous earth (you can get it at Lowe's or Home Depot in the garden section) that can be sprinkled around basedboards, on carpets and on mattresses that will kill bed bugs too but it most often takes aggressive and repeated treatment to get rid of them for good.

For a lot more info on bed bugs and how to successfully get rid of them, please also read About Bed Bugs

Health Care Disclaimer: Bed Bugs can be very challenging to get rid of once an infestation is in the home. All bedding and clothing must be disinfected and all members of the family, including pets, may need to be treated. Natural approaches for dealing with bedbugs are not presented as replacement for any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.